Atlanta IT Solutions: Expert in Accounting and Inventory Software Services

Founded in 2002, Atlanta IT Solutions is one of the leading Software company in Kerala, situated at the hillside town Malappuram. Atlanta offer services in Software Development, Product Development and Research, Project Development (Services) and Multimedia solutions.

Atlanta’s high quality software packages are –first is ‘atACC standard’, which is for the complete accounting and inventory software with Pharmacy Module, second is ‘atACC Premium’ with Restaurant, Payroll, Production Modules & third is‘atACC ERP’ with CRM and HMS (Hospital management system) Modules.

Mr. Abdul Rasheed, Managing director of Atlanta IT solutions, is a man with an extensive business experience in different areas and who follow very ethical and transparent business policy.

‘atACC’, A Complete Accounting and Inventory Package

Atlanta’s ‘atACC’ and ‘atACC ERP’ are accepted in the global market. Atlanta not only made a provision to convert ‘atACC into many world languages, but also released the French and Arabic versions of ‘atACC’ recently. ‘atACC’ can be targeted to different kinds of business segments like retail and wholesale traders, wholesale and retail pharmacy, manufacturers, restaurants, textile shops, construction companies, travel agents, education institutions, hospitals, etc. ‘atACC’ can also fit in any other segments by customizing it in a minimum level to fit cent percent for those companies.

Atlanta’s software product ‘atACC’ is designed to meet the increasing business needs of any business establishment. A highly user-friendly accounting package, which has got special features such as Retail price based sales, Screen Lock, Quick back-up, User Definable Fields, Plug Ins, etc. This is designed in such a way that the user has to just be keen enough to provide the account, stock, service, budget and depot information and do sales and purchase transactions as part of their daily business and make respective payments through different modes such as cash, bank or cheque.

Atlanta also offers Project development services with their expertise team in .Net and Android applications, etc. In the Project Development services, they take care of development of turn-key projects and they have executed various projects for the global clients during the last few years.

Atlanta’s singular focus is to take care of the product promotions and follow a proper strategy of highlighting their strength than looking for other players weaknesses, and they promote the software through distributors only. Atlanta’s quality of the software, effective communication and immediate support helps them to stay ahead in the competition.

Focusing on world-class and cost-effective ERP package

The quality of the software, proper communication and prompt support are some of the main reasons which made them to sustain. Their future plan includes the release of the world-class cost-effective ERP package targeting major companies and release of the world’s best accounting software.

Atlanta’s clients get benefited by their good service with affordable costs, which makes their client to atomize their operation. Atlanta has already established association in around 25 Countries and rapidly penetrating them existence all over the globe.