Boston Consulting Group: India’s retail market has capacity to reach $1,200 bn by 2020

NEW DELHI: India’s retail market has the capacity to develop from USD 630 billion in 2015 to USD 1,100-1,200 billion in 2020 on the back of rising income levels and growing urbanisation, as per web report.

“The overall retail market has potential to grow from $630 billion in 2015 to 1,100-1,200 billion in 2020. Retail sector will reap the benefits of a large, young population adding to the workforce, 70 per cent increase in income levels, nuclearization of families and increasing urbanization,” the CII-BCG report stated.

The report predict the organized retail and ecommerce to grow rapidly to USD 140-160 billion and USD 45-50 billion respectively by 2020

“Whilst the opportunity is massive, Indian retailers would need to transform themselves to win,” Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner and Director, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), India, stated.

The report also emphasizes the issues faced by Indian organized retailers in terms of value conscious & digitally connected consumers, lesser bargaining power against suppliers, strong competition from traditional retailers & ecommerce, also regulatory barriers.

The report evaluates that by 2020, 350-400 million retail users would be digitally influenced means their decision making process would be influenced by digital. These users would have retail spend of USD 240-250 billion.

“In this context, retail companies would need to examine how they can use digital to disrupt the way they do business. Companies would need to build capabilities in omni-channel retailing, big data & analytics, agile IT and supply chain,” noted in the report.

These elements result in lower profitability and return on capital for India retailers in comparison with other sectors and retailers all over the world.