Proximo Tech Soft: Catalyzing your Business Growth through our Managed learning Services.

A learning and development scheme aims to advance human resources’ forte, knack and competencies to create a viable, prosperous organisation, and is an imperative part of an organisation’s overall business strategy. The role of a learning and development strategy is in providing a view, which supports the management of change, appreciate employee engagement and help drive high performance levels and business successes.

This also, aspires to improve group and individual achievements by developing and honing skills and knowledge. Learning and development, often termed as training and development, forms a crucial part of an organisation’s talent management strategy and is designed to regulate group and individual goals and performance with the organisation’s long-term vision and goals.

Proximo Tech Soft, was incorporated in 2011, with a young and innovative team providing learning and development solutions cutting across various domains. Their domain knowledge, talent pool, expertise, and goodwill are excellent. Proximo follows best IT practices approach for building and delivering quality solutions to customers around the globe; currently they have their offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India

Productivity: Based on Technology

We live in the age of information, and organizations today are routinely valued not just on their physical but on their intellectual proficiency. Training is one of the chief methods of maintaining and improving intellectual capital, so the quality of an organization’s training affects its value. However, productivity is not only dependent on employees, but also on the technology they use.

Insights of the Leader

Kirthi Chintalapuri, Director of Proximo, is an MBA from Symbiosis International University Pune. She is an extrovert,  a consummate networker who thrives on going out and meeting people. In a pursuit to improve herself she explains, “I am constantly trying to meet leaders from Top MNC’s as well as other stakeholders to get better sense of where the industry is going, what our peers are doing, looking at ways to adapt to the changing training environment and collaborating with companies.

On a practical level, individuals responsible for learning and development must identify skill gaps among groups and teams, often through SMART objectives, one-to-one interviews and performance appraisals and then finding suitable training to fill these gaps. Although learning is one of the most mature areas of talent management, it is also one of the most innovative one. With recent technology advancements and the rapid adoption of social collaboration, learning and development has come a long way. Yet making a decision to improve a learning management program and invest in a learning management solution is often a daunting challenge.

This requires thorough guidance which is surfaced by, Nikita Saraf, Jyothi Lakshmi B Y and Priyanka Karmshil for having the execution skills to take Proximo towards becoming one of the most promising L&D firm. Nikita, Jyothi and Priyanka have aided exponential growth in Proximo’s turnover, profitability and global presence through string-of-pearls approach.

Uniqueness at it’s Best

Delivering high-end technology solutions through experts, who are highly experienced and specialized in cutting edge market technologies, Proximo provides unmatched level of service to its clients. Kirthi states, “Quality of service is what we provide to our clients. We are committed to providing proactive, timely and responsive professional services. We cater to a distinguished list of fortune 500 corporate clients across training and staffing on various skill sets.”

The company presents its products and services as the best and most logical solutions to customers’s needs and problems, and therefore positions itself as a low-cost, high-quality best value producer and provider of niche products and services in the current marketplace.

Customers: A Prime Importance

As a high spirit team, Proximo is beholden only to their clients, consultants and their staff. Their flexibility and philosophy is of “doing the right thing” and “employee first”, has proven to be paramount to their success.

Proximo, provides various courses which fit appropriately as per project requirements that is purely based on industries’ standard technologies from some well known companies. These training courses are particularly tailored for the employee needs and understanding current technological advances in the IT industry.

Eyes Set on Business Stimulation

Good training imparts individuals with equipments and skills, and manifests them to bid these new tools and skills within their own organisation and role. Attracting and retaining intelligent, resourceful and productive IT employees has been one of Proximo’s  major focus areas. Amalgamating industry experience with the knowledge of group facilitation techniques and thorough selective technology focused hiring, the Proximo has been able to cater to the needs of a list of clients. The company help clients solve business problems, increase visibility and help them thrive in a networked world, working collaboratively with them to achieve results that they can measure. Today, the firm prides itself in having worked with the likes of IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Wipro, HP, Infosys among others. The company has its eyes set on business stimulation. With a dedicated group behind it, this Bangalore headquartered firm is planning to expand its geographical reach in the upcoming years.

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