Monsoon essentials to keep in your bag 

Raincoat or Poncho

A reliable raincoat or poncho is your first line of defense against the downpour. Choose one that's lightweight, folds compactly, and offers good coverage. 

Waterproof Bag Cover

An unexpected downpour can damage your electronics and valuables. A waterproof bag cover adds an extra layer of protection to your handbag.


A quick-drying handkerchief or microfibre towel is a lifesaver for drying your hands, face, or even your phone screen if it gets a little wet.

Zip-Lock Bags

These versatile bags have countless uses during the monsoon. Use them to store damp clothes or wet wipes, protect your electronics from splashes or separate wet items from dry ones.

Waterproof Case

It's always a good idea to carry some cash and cards during the monsoon. Store them in a waterproof case to protect them from moisture damage.

First-Aid Kit

Minor cuts, scrapes or insect bites are more common during the monsoon. A compact first-aid kit with essentials can come in handy.

Hand Sanitiser

Washing hands frequently is important during the monsoon to prevent the spread of germs. Keep a small hand sanitiser in your bag for emergencies