Top 7 smartest countries with highest average IQ

According to a 2019 study by researchers Richard Lynn and David Becker at the Ulster Institute, the highest average IQ scores in the world belong to the Japanese.

7. Belarus (101.60)

This Eastern European nation has a well-developed education system with a strong emphasis on science and mathematics.

6. South Korea (102.35)

South Korea's education system is known for its rigor and emphasis on standardized testing. Students dedicate long hours to academics, leading to strong performance in various fields.

5. China (104.10)

With a massive population, China has a large pool of highly intelligent individuals. Their focus on STEM education is fostering innovation and scientific advancement.

4. Hong Kong (105.37)

A center for commerce and trade, Hong Kong emphasizes academic excellence and critical thinking skills in its education system.

3. Singapore (105.89)

This global financial hub prioritizes education and invests heavily in its school systems. Singaporean students consistently rank high in international assessments.

2. Taiwan (106.47)

Close behind Japan, Taiwan places a high value on academic achievement. Their education system focuses on developing strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

1. Japan (106.48)

Boasting the highest average IQ on This list, Japan is known for its strong emphasis on education and lifelong learning. A culture of discipline and hard work is also prevalent.