Top Countries With Highest Alcohol Consumption

The top 10 countries with the highest alcohol consumption per capita, measured in liters of pure alcohol per year, can vary slightly depending on the source and year of the data. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 

Moldova: Known for its wine production, Moldova often tops the list with the highest alcohol consumption per capita. 

Czech Republic: Renowned for its beer culture, the Czech Republic consistently ranks high in alcohol consumption. 

Germany: With a strong beer culture and significant consumption of spirits and wine, Germany is a regular on this list. 

Lithuania: Alcohol consumption in Lithuania is notably high, with a preference for spirits. 

Ireland: Famous for its pubs and drinking culture, Ireland has high per capita alcohol consumption. 

Latvia: Similar to Lithuania, Latvia has high alcohol consumption rates, particularly in spirits. 

Russia: Known for its vodka consumption, Russia consistently ranks high. 

Romania: Wine and spirits contribute to Romania's high alcohol consumption. 

Hungary: With a rich tradition of wine and spirits, Hungary often appears on this list. 

France: Renowned for its wine culture, France has high levels of alcohol consumption.