Top 10 Trending Career Paths after Graduation in 2024

1. Digital Marketing/Advertising

It is one of the highest-growing industries in India. Digital marketing refers to the promoting of products, their online development, making it reach out to a wider audience by doing digital campaigns.  

2. Entrepreneurship

You can start your own business. It is the only career path that no one can teach you; it derives from experience and taking risks. The skills required for this career are innovation, networking, smart mind, and knowledge of the market. 

3. Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry contributes a large part to the growth of the economy and is one of the most progressing industries. A huge percentage of employment depends on this field. 

4. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most creative fields in the world and has become a trending career path for growth and opportunities. It refers to expressing your ideas on paper, creating content either online or offline.

5. Blogs/vlogs, Influencer

Vlog refers to the video content that can be done on daily routine, travel, or any particular product like you can become YouTuber, share content, gain popularity, reach out to a high amount of audience .

7. Hotel Management

The hotel management and hospitality sector are developing day by day and there is plenty of scope and opportunities in this sector. They add a large part of income to the service sector.