What Swami vivekananda said about youth

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 Swami Vivekananda believed that youth possess immense energy and vitality, which should be channeled towards constructive purposes

Harnessing Energy

Vivekananda encouraged young people to aim for lofty ideals and spiritual growth alongside material success.

Idealism and Aspiration

Vivekananda stressed that youth should take responsibility for their own development and contribute positively to society.

Responsibility and Leadership

He emphasized the importance of education that not only enhances intellectual abilities but also builds moral character and a sense of social responsibility 

Education and Character Building

Swami Vivekananda emphasized the need for youth to cultivate spiritual awareness and inner strength. He saw spirituality as essential for achieving holistic development and maintaining balance in life.

Spiritual Growth

Vivekananda encouraged youth to embrace a global perspective and appreciate cultural diversity. 

Global Perspective