5 Supreme Companies In Logistics, November 2023

When it comes to express delivery services, there is only one name India relies on: TCI Express Limited. It stands out as one of the country’s fastest-growing express delivery companies, backed by extensive experience and profound domain expertise.

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Convenience is King: Startups Focusing on On-Demand Car Care

The landscape of consumer services has undergone a significant transformation, driven by the burgeoning demand for convenience and speed. This demand has led to the rise of the on-demand economy, impacting various sectors including transportation, food delivery, and now, car care. As a co-founder of GoMechanic, I’ve been at the forefront of integrating on-demand services into car maintenance, a sector traditionally bogged down by inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. Unpacking the On-Demand Economy A Paradigm Shift in Consumer Expectations The on-demand economy, characterized by the immediate provision of goods and services upon request through digital platforms, has redefined consumer expectations. Today, consumers

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