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Delivering diversified range of property consulting services to the clientele in innovative and cost effective ways is Abbey Homes Consultant Pvt. Ltd. – a pioneer amongst professional real estate companies in Chandigarh, India. To get more insights about the company’s prominent services and uniqueness, we bring you an exclusive interview with a dynamic professional Avtar Singh, the Founder.
IS: Talk about the latest projects undertaken by Abbey Homes.
Avtar: Abbey Homes has been one of the most successful journeys by far. The foresightedness was to serve customers with quality homes and satisfied lives. Moving ahead with a collective venture was always one of our agendas which were fruitful as you can how effectively we have acquired some of the very delightful projects in Zirakpur. Our noted projects are all collaborated with the giants of real estates in Zirakpur.
IS: Kindly share your journey of life – early days, education, family, professional experiences and finally how the idea of forming Abbey Homes did came up?
Avtar: In my teenage, I was always enthusiastic about the different types of construction and buildings. Thereby, this helped me get into the business. I have worked in the marketing sector for many years that gave me the momentum to come up with Abby Homes. My successful attempts are all standing in Zirakpur today and I am proud to say I have the best team in the city to help me achieve my dreams. I never want to compromise with quality and that is the reason all the endeavors has the best in class services along with standard products.
IS: You have always emphasized on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ – how important for you is to build an emotional connect with a prospective buyer?
Avtar: For me, customer satisfaction is the highest form of achievement. A businessman is incomplete without his customers. Happy and satisfied customers are the sole motivation that makes me determined to do more every day. I prefer being transparent with all my esteemed customers and seal for a healthy relationship with them. My sole motto is to offer world class living amenities at competitive prices. All my potential customers are given up-to-date and relevant information, the best offers and enticing deals. The executives are all trained to empathize with the customers; they know that maintaining emotional contact is essential to keep the clients happy.
IS: The Government has introduced various reforms and policies for the real estate industry. How do you analyze the change within the industry and also from a customer’s perspective, how different is the current real estate market?
Avtar: Yes, I am completely aware of the new policies that are kind of revival of the older ones. The market has skillfully absorbed all the reforms and has offered greater confidence to the buyers. Customers can now relax as there is much more accountability and the interest of the end customers are also protected. The main reason is the increase of fluidity in the market, customers can also expect FDI.
IS: Today you stand to be a prominent business house in Chandigarh – Tri City, what are your plans to explore outside Chandigarh?
Avtar: Chandigarh is a booming city and there are numerous developments taking place every day. I feel there is an ever-growing demand as Chandigarh is seldom the very first choice of property consumers. Districts like Mohali and the other adjoining pockets are witnessing the development of real estate and as we have submerged ourselves in Zirakpur and Mohali, we hope in future we can make some changes in the real estate landscape of other districts as well.
IS: Technology is playing a major role in redefining almost every industry – how is Abbey Homes embracing technology? 
Avtar: Oh yes! Technology is taking over all the traditional practices and we at Abby Homes are not lagging behind. We have a dedicated website and post all our updates and information on the internet. We advertise and make use of online marketing strategies, as of now, people search for everything on their phones and online visibility is what we desire. With impeccable and quality personnel, I am all set to take over the internet too.
IS: If you would not have been a part of the real estate industry, what would have been your alternative career option?
Avtar: With a business mind like me, I don’t think so I can think of any other business genre. I consider myself as a pro-businessman.
IS: What is your take on the ever-changing property consultant market scenario?
Avtar: No doubt that the property consultants are no dynamic but what drives the major sales is the post-sales service. There will be many agencies coming and going, but what remains constant is the key to the heart of the customer. If I am concerned for me taking personal care of the clients will be the best practice. Having opulent services but no relationship with the customer is nothing but a farm without produce.

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