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Health Insurance Sector Witnessed a Quantum Rise of 20 Percent for...

According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), the health insurance sector has witnessed an impressive growth of more than 20...
Ditching Plastic Straws for Earth’s Health | Insights Success

Ditching Plastic Straws for Earth’s Health

If an individual had something to drink today, chances are that the drink was accompanied by a tiny piece of plastic. A stirrer or...

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Mobile technology trends are unquestionably something to know about. With regards to innovation—particularly mobile technology—if you are not open to gaining some new useful knowledge each and every day, you might lose out in the race. If you are an...

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Twitter Recently Launched: Campaign #PositionOfStrength for Women’s Empowerment

Violence against women and girls, online or in the physical world, have no boundaries, cutting across borders, race, culture and income groups, profoundly harming...


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Cumin: not Just a Spice, But a Boon to the Body

Indian food! These words have a too much exotic effect on foreigners, as most of them have that clichéd idea that Indian food is all about 'too many' spices that can give a very spicy cuisine experience. One cannot deny that Indians use a...