5 Indian Startups That Faced Rejection In Shark Tank India But Became Successful 

Shark Tank India, a business reality show, has become a hit among netizens since its inception three years ago. While many pitches from entrepreneurs and company founders pleased judges, others were unable to close a deal. Let's look at the businesses that were rejected on Shark Tank yet turned out to be successful.

Zypp Electric offers tech-enabled EV-as-a- service for last-mile deliveries in India. The founders requested INR 2.2 crore for a 1% stake, but the offer was rejected by the sharks. Nonetheless, the company has successfully acquired investment and has grown significantly during the past year.


Credit: forbesindia

Theka Coffee sells cold coffee in twelve flavors in beer bottles. The founder, Bhuvinder, had demanded INR 50 lakhs for a 10% stake, but the sharks did not accept his offer. Later, the brand expanded its operations and raised Rs 2.5 crore.

Theka Coffee  

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Moonshine is Asia's first meadery, founded in 2016 by Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas. The founders asked for INR 80 lakhs in exchange for 0.5% stake, but the deal was rejected by the sharks.


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Urban Monkey, a streetwear clothing business launched in 2013 by Yash Gangwal, sought an INR 1 crore for a 1% equity stake. Despite the brand's popularity and celebrity endorsements, the sharks declined the deal.

Urban Monkey 

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Pandurang Taware founded Agri Tourism in 2003. He requested INR 50 lakhs in exchange for a 5% equity, but the sharks rejected the proposal. Judge Namita Thapar expressed regret about not being able to back the COF company at the time. She invested in Pandurang's Agro Tourism two months after the show ended. 

Agri Tourism  

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