Average Salary Of CEOs In India

Deloitte India Survey 2024, saw an increase of 40 per cent in CEOs average salary as compared to pre-Covid times.

Of this remuneration, more than half is linked to short-term and long-term incentives.

As per the report, over 50 per cent of target compensation is 'pay-at- risk'.

For professional CEOs, pay-at- risk is 57 percent, whereas for promoter CEOs it is 47 per cent.

The average salary of a CEO in India stood at ₹13.8 crore, as per Deloitte India Survey 2024.

CEOs who are also promoters or members of the promoter family get paid 16.7 crore on average.

Professional CEOs have 25 per cent of their target compensation delivered through long-term incentives like share-linked incentives.