Best Career options  for PCB students After 12th

After completing the 12th grade with the science stream, students often assume the career for Pcb students after 12th is limited to the medical field. However, there is a wide range of best courses after the 12th PCB students beyond medicine. 

1. Biotechnology

Students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and specialize in areas such as genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, or research and development. 

2. Pharmacy

A career in pharmacy allows students to work in the healthcare sector by studying the science and practice of medicine. A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy followed by licensing exams opens doors to various roles like pharmacists, 

3. Environmental Science

For those passionate about the environment, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science is a great option. 

4. Forensic Science

Combining scientific knowledge and criminal investigation, a career in forensic science involves analyzing evidence, solving crimes, and aiding justice.  

5. Agricultural Science

The field of agricultural science offers a range of opportunities to contribute to sustainable food production and agricultural practices. It’s one of the top 10 courses after the 12th PCB for students.