Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

Your Linkedin profile can help you get your dream job and connect with other professionals. It is important to keep your profile updated to boost your profile on the platform.

Opt for the right profile picture

Your profile picture plays a vital role in determining the authenticity of your LinkedIn profile. Upload your recent picture as the profile picture. Your face should cover around 60 per cent of the profile picture so your face is visible.

Write good summary 

The summary you write on LinkedIn is a short story of your professional experience. Make sure to fill this field, as many recruiters and hiring managers look for an overview of your portfolio on Linkedin before shortlisting candidates.

Make Connections

Linkedin is an ideal platform to make professional connections. Follow and connect with other professionals on the platform to get a reference or recommendations for a job. It will also allow you to track industry trends and job availability.

Add skills

Your skills are a catch for recruiters looking to hire people with similar expertise. Add all the skills that you have learned to match relevant job opportunities.

Add certifications

Adding certifications will add credibility to your Linkedin profile and increase your chances of getting a job opportunity. You can also enter all the relevant skills you have learned from the certification course you completed.