Credit: Wikipedia

1. United States

The US has a $27.97 trillion GDP with a population of 339.9 million 

2. China 

China stands in 2nd position with a $18.56 trillion GDP and 1.42 billion poplation. 

3. Russia

Known for its vast natural resources and military capabilities, Russia stood 3rd on the list.

4. Germany

Despite a slowdown, Germany stood in 4th position with a $4.70 tn GDP. It was likely in recession in the first quarter of 2024, HEN ЕЛ reported Reuters.

5. United Kingdom

UK emerged in 5th spot with $3.59 trillion GDP and 67.7 million population.

6. South Korea

South Korea is a global leader in tech and innovation with several tech firms contributing to its strong position in world.

7. France

The EU member plays an important role in renewable energy sources industry. Its GDP stands at $3.18 trillion

8. Japan

Japan's passport is called the world's most powerful passport, Japan is known to be the fourth largest economy globally.

9. Saudi Arabia

Enjoying rich oil reserves, Saudi Arabia exports over $300 billion worth of oil annally

10. UAE

UAE is a major player in global oil industry which increases its influence across the globe.