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Akansha Singh | Amald

There is no denying the fact that digital payments have taken a revolutionary tread in India. With people opting for digital transactions more than ever, the industry is moving towards the cashless economy. Users can transfer and receive funds quicker than before. Such development has created a room for many tech startups in India. Due to these seamless digital payments, transactions in e-commerce have also proliferated in no time. As a result, each day a new app is being generated contributing towards an easier life.

That brings us to another aspect. With a wide number of service providers, merchants face difficulties in selecting the right partner. Fortunately, Insights success solves this problem by recommending Amald.

Founded in 2011, it is a digital payment service provider offering right solutions at a right price. Amald is a preferred partner in high and mid risk payment service providers. The company meets the requirements of merchants and this is possible only because of its team of experts. The firm’s management squad has proven expertise in the financial amenities serving high-risk businesses.

An Ardent Technophile

A dynamic personality, Akansha Singh helms project management duties at Amald. She has contributed to a lot of campaigns and Amald is the biggest of all. She is a keen observer of every detailed topic she goes through. Thus, implementing most of the knowledge pulled from the research and experience.

Akansha’s journey involves popular financial institutions resulting in her head start in Amald. Her creative ideas benefites the organization most of the time. She has keen interest towards various segments such as handling billing, operation & compliance, and AML.

Service Merchants can Count on

Amald offers altered solutions with durable corporate supremacy and autonomously reviewing with its PCI-DSS compliance gateway. They offer solutions through acquiring banks such as card issuers, internet payment networks, and various others. Amald offers credit card processing services to merchants from all over the world. Its high-risk solutions offer a safe business transaction to corporate for enhancing their transaction process. It provides the following long-term adequate services:

Credit Card Processing

Amald offers Credit Card Processing solutions with high-risk gateways to make the client’s business secure from any kind of chargeback or deception that they come across.

eCheck Payment Gateway

Amald offers eCheck Payment Processing to merchants who own online business. With Amald, users get eCheck solutions without any hassles if they seek a merchant account for their business.

ACH Payment Processing

Amald offers simple ACH payment solutions for businesses to thrive well if they seek to gain business stability. An International Merchant Account by Amald offers the solution to overcome high-risk business challenges.

Offshore Merchant Account

Amald offers an Offshore Merchant Account for an exceptional surge in the transaction process. It is distinguished for its credit card with an Offshore Merchant Account to make businesses work exclusively.

Payment Gateway

Amald is known for its Payment Gateway solutions to merchants who need a faster payment process.

A few other additional features delivered by Amald are:

Anti-Trouble Application

With Amald’s experience quicker approvals on the file. The application is quite easy to get started with and within fractions of seconds, users will be done filling it.

Swifts Setups

Merchants can begin processing in few days on secured approvals. The integration is smooth and can be easily executed by an individual.

24*7*365 Support

Amald claims to be at their client’s service at convenient clock time. Its professional team has a significant amount of experience to assist at the time clients need it most.

The Strength Behind

The firm pays homage to its team above all the factors behind its success. “We understand we are pretty new to the market but, there are a lot of challenges out there. The team at Amald solves queries with creative and innovative ideas benchmarking it as one of the genuine payment processors. Our team is quite remarkable in dealing with any merchant to fulfill the business requirements,” Akansha asserts.

The firm further counts following as its strength:

  • Quick response to the queries and complaints
  • Variety of services for all the business owners
  • Multicurrency platform to process in any part of the world
  • Services at the most affordable rates
  • Tracking every suspicious activity

Scanning the Future

Soon, Amald will cater to merchants worldwide with the top excellent payment processing solutions. It wants to serve by enabling business owners to process payments themselves. “We are working on techniques to achieve payment processing for low processing merchants. The example of such is online pan shops and other local markets in India and abroad. By this, we are looking to process all three-low, mid and high-risk-on our platform”, Akansha concludes.

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