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Parveen Wadhwa Naveen Doda PayBingo[Digital Payment, Digital Payment Service, Digital Payment Service Provider, Digital India, Domestic Money Remittance, Aadhar Enabled Payment System, Bharat Bill Payment System]
Parveen Wadhwa Naveen Doda PayBingo

As more and more digital payments service providers have emerged in the market, making sure to pick the right one has become critical. Also, the available market is vast, with a myriad of providers offering an even larger number of services.

So, how do you select the right digital payment service provider from so many? Well, Insight Success can solve this problem right away by recommending PayBingo, a payment provider that equips small business owners with the right tools to expand their revenue without any extra efforts. PayBingo serves as a companion to facilitate various online services backed by trusted servers and a qualified team.

A Go-Getter Founder

PayBingo is under the exemplary leadership of Parveen Wadhwa. Prior to PayBingo, he has served in sales for a few organizations in the same digital payment domain.“If you have the will power to do things with integrity and taking very close feedback of markets, you can achieve many great things,” asserts Parveen.

Parveen’s main strength lies in Sales and Technology. He is instrumental in retail touchpoints and understanding the exact feedback of consumers. Consequently, this helps him in meeting requirements in terms of UI/UX and implementation of new services.

A Transparent Layout

As a Business to Business (B2B) service provider, the vision of PayBingo is noticeably clear i.e. transparency. The firm keeps transparency in services, commissions, flexibility, and in ease of operations. As a result, PayBingo has a high footfall of customers. Parveen comments on this transparency by stating, “Digital India is happening and PayBingo heartily supports Digital India initiative, and is committed to bringing transparency and opportunities to our fellow countrymen. Our team at PayBingo keeps updating themselves constantly to provide quality services at lowest possible costs.”

PayBingo has been serving its customers since its inception with recharge services from a small town in Kurukshetra, Haryana. And now, the organization is serving customers in Domestic Money Remittance, Aadhar Enabled Payment System, Bharat Bill Payment System, Insurance, Flight, Recharges, etc. to a vast set of clients across the country. The firm has strong foothold in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi-NCR, Gujarat, MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Uttarakhand. Moreover, according to some prominent sources, PayBingo is a leading brand in Mumbai for DMR products.

PayBingo pays homage to its channel partners for its current success. According to the Mr. Naveen Doda, Co-Founder of PayBingo, these were the partners who tested this platform at a young age, three and a half years back. Mr. Doda states, “They showed faith in our systems and we have taken this as our strengths. This helped us to create a product that should have a facility to create a win-win situation for everyone. At, PayBingo, everyone is ready to help someone who needs us at any point in time. Appreciation from Retailers gives us goosebumps.”

He further talks about the reasons why the customers should choose PayBingo as their preferred partner, “The game is not only about commercials. It is about what kind of value proposition PayBingo is bringing in their daily livelihood. It’s the magic of sleepless nights of the backend team who have given their sweat and personal life in the creation of this product, which is very familiar with retailers. Whenever someone is talking to retailers there is a genuine reply from them ‘Easyhai’.”

PayBingo serves to the customer via the following robust pillars:

Quality Guaranteed

PayBingo’s in-house technical team ensures non-stop delivery of services.

Fastest Servers

The backend of PayBingo is completely based on cloud technology installed on fastest servers in the world.


PayBingo takes special care to minimize the carbon footprint, not wasting a single bit of resources.

Safe Money Guaranteed

PayBingo follows all the security and accounting compliance to make all transactions safe and secure.

Word of Mouth

A company’s value and position in the market is valued through its trust in its customers. Let’s hear from some of PayBingo’s partners:

“PayBingo support is very helpful, they have resolved all my queries and they explain everything in a very simple and understandable manner.” – Puneet Batra, Business Owner, Batra Communication, Mohan Garden, New Delhi.

“I was a housewife, but with the help of PayBingo now I have started earning from my mobile by providing financial services and mobile recharge of all the families in my neighborhood which encouraged for a Digital Dukaan. Thank you, PayBingo” – Sharda Pandey, Homemaker turned Business Women, Vashi Maharashtra.

“My business has increased many folds with the help of PayBingo, now I can manage all telecom operators with a single login. Now I am able to give time to my family” – Ankur Kakkar, farmer turned businessman Sampla Rohtak, Haryana

“With PayBingo money transfer, people of my village can easily send and receive money from their children living in big cities, and in between I earn a good commission” – Nitin Prakash, Stationary Merchant – Samastipur, Bihar

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