Godrej Security Solutions: Assuring India of Being in Safe Hands

Mr. Mehernosh pithawalla | Vice-president | Godrej Security Solutions
Mr. Mehernosh pithawalla | Vice-president | Godrej Security Solutions

In the everyday race of achieving our goals and ambitions, a sense of safety and security is what permits us the privilege of a good night’s sleep. We seldom acknowledge the importance of appliances that ensure our safety and security, and obliviously categorize them into ‘meaningless expenditure’.

Needless to say, the companies that innovate and manufacture these safety and security appliances have to brought into the limelight. With the same intent, we at Insights Success bring to you this edition titled, India’s Most Trusted CCTV Companies, 2021, and the brand that evidently makes the top of the list is Godrej Security Solutions.

For over a century, Godrej and its brand value has been synonymous with pioneering cutting-edge products and integrated security solutions. The company’s offerings have evolved to high-end comprehensive security solutions that help safeguard millions of homes and commercial spaces as well as the premises of prestigious institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the Taj Mahal, and other national organizations of prominence.

“CCTV surveillance helps authorities and victims of crimes in a huge way to seek justice. CCTV services are also helpful to keep 24×7 vigilance in public spaces and act as an aid to the citizens and deter crime to a certain extent.”

Godrej Security Solutions’ mission is to create a holistic environment of home and health security solutions which can be accessed by all citizens of the country. The company believes in constant innovation and developing technology that is authorised by leading industry bodies which are best in class.

The company is also a preferred brand for all banks and banking facilities seeking security products in India. When it comes to the business of making lockers, there are very few brands in the world that have established a legacy like that of Godrej in the minds of their customers.

To build effective security solutions, Godrej Security Solutions works closely with key influencers like architects, builders, contractors, and interior designers, using their insights to align the offerings to shifting security needs of consumers.

Triggered by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Godrej Security Solutions ventured into a new segment of Health Security to ensure the health safety of its customers. The company is constantly innovating to be ahead of the curve to ensure one’s safety updating their technological capabilities by collaborating with leading global industrial and product designers.

At present, the company’s solutions extend beyond India to secure installations in over 65 countries, including the Middle East, Asia, East Africa, the US, Europe, and the SAARC countries.

Setting Benchmarks of Quality

In the CCTV space, Godrej Security Solutions is focused on creating trusted solutions that are made in India for the Indian markets customised for the security needs of Indians across various sectors.

The brand is tantamount with trust and resonates with people as a vital part of their daily security needs. Godrej Security Solutions is cognizant of the security concerns of Indians that include data usage, data privacy, and accessibility to footage, among others.

For Godrej Security Solutions, after sales service is the biggest differentiator. The company has the widest network of services across the country. During the lockdown, the company upgraded into an online mode service system in order to help customers with queries, installations, and consultations.

Godrej is continuously investing in various research and development initiatives to ensure that its products and offerings are one step ahead of its competition and also simplify the lives of the Indian consumers. The solutions designed are made keeping in mind the ‘Indian-ness’ and India based concerns, and are ahead of its competitors in terms of technology and in providing concentrated solutions.

Godrej Security Solutions has worked as a leading System Integrator for close to two decades and provided comprehensive security solutions. The company has worked on multiple prestigious projects across all segments with the Government, HLS, Police/Defence, Banks, Reputed private companies, large corporates, OGP (oil gas Power) etc.

Some of the notable CCTV projects are: IOCL (~20 Cr), Currency Notes Press (CNP ~20 Cr), RBI (~12 Cr), INS (~11 Cr), NTPC (~10 Cr), BRBNML-Mysore (~8 Cr), DRDO CABS (~4 Cr), etc.

As a System Integrator, the company has successfully built an ecosystem with global industry leaders, to provide the best to its customers in Integrated and end-to-end CCTV solutions. The company has additionally done lot of work in banks, small offices, and home segments where it has introduced various home cameras like the EVE NX and spotlight Range.

Leadership – the Root of Business Excellence

At the helm of Godrej Security Solutions’ voyage towards zeniths of success is Mr. Mehernosh Pithawalla, the Vice President of the company.

Through his role, Mr. Pithawalla has made notable contributions to the CCTV space by raising awareness about the growing needs for CCTV surveillance in order to curb the growing number of crimes in private and public places.

“CCTV surveillance helps authorities and victims of crimes in a huge way to seek justice. CCTV services are also helpful to keep 24×7 vigilance in public spaces and act as an aid to the citizens and deter crime to a certain extent,” Mr. Pithawalla expresses.

Mr. Pithawalla’s close involvement has helped to design products and solutions that cater to the Indian citizens and are made for their needs. These products are designed for both B2B and B2C markets, keeping in mind the specific requirement for each of this sector.

Mr. Pithawalla has played a key role in commissioning research to help raise awareness on security needs of households. Under Mr. Pithawalla’s vision and guidance, Godrej Security Solutions became the first security solutions brand to win a Cannes Lion Award for the Break-in-Challenge as part of the #BilkulSafeHai Campaign within which nearly 1 Lakh Indians participated.

Apart from this, Mr. Pithawalla also leads the innovation cell at Godrej. He has been involved in product testing at every stage and formulating GTM strategies for the brand. He has additionally been instrumental in creating the category of Home Lockers in India. There is also a case study featured on how Godrej has driven category creation, in the Harvard business review, under the leadership of Mr. Pithawalla.

Overcoming Adversities

The team at Godrej Security Solutions states that one of the biggest challenges that the company has experienced is that most surveillance and CCTV service decisions are usually taken by third party operators such as contractors or security agencies as this is a low involvement category.

Another common challenge in this space is the presence of fly by night operators who provide these solutions at a cheaper rate but with little or no reliability, no after sales service backup, and no consistency on quality and data security. Hence, it has become Godrej’s utmost priority to raise awareness about importance of branded products in the market.

Commenting on the challenges imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the team says, “From the start of the pandemic, Godrej Security Solutions has been extremely agile in effectively using its core competencies by developing products that are the need of the hour for Indian Fly at large.”

The pandemic enabled Godrej Security Solutions to dive deep into the Health Security segment and has allowed it to create solutions that not only secure homes and public spaces but also secures the health of the customers and their loved ones.

The COVID-19 crisis has helped the company understand the needs of their customers and develop solutions such as Vigi-Guard turnstile with sanitizer dispenser, UV Case Sanitizer, Cashclean Sanitizer for banks, retail outlets as well as home camera, video door phones etc., which directly cater to the customer’s needs in both B2B and B2C markets.

Godrej Security Solutions estimates the total addressable health and home security market for FY 2021-22 in the country will reach around INR 450 cores with a CAGR of 20%, given the rising adoption rate and demand for home and health security products.

On the Quest towards New Horizons

Godrej Security Solutions embarked on a journey of a design led innovation a few years ago. “The R&D investment will help us scale up our business and offer solutions made for and in India,” says the team.

In the year 2021, the Godrej Security Solutions will be launching more products and solutions as part of its COVID defence range both in the B2B and B2C space. The company aims to expand its portfolio by providing different variants of the existing catalogue in order to reach a wider range of audience and cater to all their security solution needs, and to continue to fight the good fight against COVID-19. “These new launches will help to increase the impact and importance on un-manned security technologies to secure cities and public spaces,” says Mr. Pithawalla.

In 2021, Godrej Security Solutions is also increasing its focus on Environment Health Safety and Security (Electronic Security Solutions) as the company believes that the potential in this space is phenomenal and will witness more investments by customers.

Godrej Security Solutions aims to continue its growth rate of 15-20% year on year by providing the right solutions customized for the market. The company will continue to run awareness campaigns to elevate India’s security quotient. It will be also introducing new products and solutions regularly to the market to cater to the needs of the consumers. Godrej will continue to invest heavily in R&D. The company is looking to create an ecosystem that will help Indians get CCTVs and security products designed and made in India.

“When it comes to the business of making lockers, there are very few brands in the world that have established a legacy like that of Godrej in the minds of their customers.”

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