Millennium Semi-Conductors Pvt Ltd: Strong Benefactors of the Electronics Industry

Millennium Semiconductors
Haresh Abichandani | CEO | Millenniumsemi

Semiconductors are vital in electronic devices, just as a brain is to a living body. They are the essential elements inside the electronic devices that help control the device’s operations and functions. Thousands of electronics device manufacturers require semiconductors in their products due to their indispensable functionality.

Semiconductors are an essential component of electronic devices, enabling developments in numerous fields of industrial electronics, computers, communications, consumer goods, healthcare, defence systems, logistics and transportation, energy etc.

To meet the market demands and rising needs of the industry and offer competitive customized solutions, Millennium Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1995 to provide good quality semiconductors to the electronic manufacturers in India.

In 1995, the company began as Haresh Enterprises, which was then changed to Millennium Semiconductors in 2004 by the Founder and Managing Director  Mr Haresh Abichandani in Pune.

Being an engineer himself, Haresh observed the electronics industry closely and identified the challenges that numerous electronics manufacturers faced. He chose to build a business that would support and meet the rising demands of the electronic industry.

Haresh formed a network of big companies which manufactured a wide variety of semiconductors and began trading them to the different big companies in multiple industry sectors.

Though the industry is significant, still there is a dearth of good solution providers. Haresh began a service model of business which identified the specific semiconductor requirement and customized the product solution customized to the client’s capacity, quantity, and budget requirements.

Guiding Leadership

Haresh is a result-oriented professional with experience in building and leading high-performance business units in the semiconductor industry. With decades of experience across industries like Automotive, Consumer electronics, industrial, lightening, IoT and Defence sectors, Haresh identified the volatility of the market and the possible influencing factors.

He created the solution of continuous supply that not only helped the manufacturing companies with the smooth flow of semiconductors and other materials on time but also helped in developing better control over the cost fluctuations and levelling up of the ROI.

Adorning an extensive background in this industry, enriched with interpersonal and technical skills in the corporate world, he has been nationally recognized for turning around and motivating teams to achieve top and bottom-line results.

Partnering with customers from public, private and multinational corporations, he has spearheaded the company in becoming a leading distributor of electronic components in India and across the globe.

With several years of experience working and interacting with a plethora of customers, Haresh led strategic relationships with leading clients globally. Offering a constant stream of offering innovative products to help patrons increase profitability and improve productivity along with business growth, he has attained a respectable reputation in the industry.

Harbouring a keen interest in nurturing passionate entrepreneurs, Haresh is committed to solving problems by providing solutions using the latest technologies. Some of his specialities are:

  • Design and development from concept to POC.
  • Managing business groups with a P&L focus.
  • Project management and technical delivery management of SoC projects.
  • VA/VE cost reduction and execution under tight solution.
  • Technical domain expertise in providing complete end-to-end solutions.

Strong Foundation of Values

  • Mission: To continue innovating and providing superior quality products and services to our customers, wherein employees and business partners will share in its services.
  • Vision: Being committed to its mission, Millennium Semi-Conductors shall become the first choice for customers and suppliers.
  • Goals: Grow by forming long term relations with customers, working honestly with our suppliers, and keeping our employees satisfied.
  • Research: According to the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association, the Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) market will grow from US$76 billion in 2013 to US$400 billion by 2020.

Achieving Significant Contributing to the Industry

Keeping the customer requirements on the highest priority, the company now has branch offices in Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Mumbai in India and overseas offices in Singapore and Shenzhen (China).

At Millennium, they have developed a rich work culture based on foundational ideas of inventory management for JIT, flexible policies, responsive systems, knowledgeable technical support, and customer service.

Millennium Semiconductors has grown up to become a trusted brand for several business associates and leading manufacturers who rely on their expertise to deliver creative solutions, with a competitive advantage and financially measurable value to their business. The well-organized team is committed to searching for and delivering quality products to the customers.

This is achieved by integrating quality management systems in their process and employees at all levels through their skills, knowledge development and encouraging creativity. The team aims to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement in customer service, product delivery and effort optimization.

Millennium Semiconductors is a complete ecosystem driven by passion and dedication, focusing on going beyond the levels of customer satisfaction.

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