SoftClouds: Navigating Digital Transformation and Reinventing Business

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Mr. Balaji Ramachandran | Founder & CEO | Mr. Asokan Ashok | CTIO | SoftClouds

This era of Industry 4.0 revolution brings with it virtual validation, edge computing, industrial controllers, and greater flexibility and agility. Needless to stay, this shifting market landscape, powered by continued disruption and automation, will further challenge companies to optimize production.  One way to achieve this is by digitally transforming the company including all its processes. This will help companies to cater to client problems, offer an effective solution and enhance sales in real-time.

This is where service providers that help companies achieve their goal make their presence felt. Here, in this edition, we introduce you to such a service provider, SoftClouds. While conversating with, Mr. Balaji Ramachandran the Founder & CEO, we could further introspect the dire need of digitalizing a company. He has also shed some light on how his company helps in achieving the aforesaid goals.

IS Team: Could you please give us a brief insight into your company and its journey of establishment?

Mr. Balaji:  Founded in 2005, SoftClouds is a leader in digital transformation and customer experience solutions. We are at the forefront of innovation in the evolving world of technology. We have been honored as one of the Most Successful private companies by the San Diego Business Journal. We also have made it to the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US, three times in a row.

We have a broad coverage of industry solutions and deployed CRM/CX solutions across a wide spectrum of industries from Transportation to HealthCare, Manufacturing to Automotive. Our experts thrive on invention and deliver next generation solutions that optimize customer connections and experiences – from strategy development through execution. This has made SoftClouds  become a trusted business advisor and recommend CRM/CX solution provider that best fits the business. With over 15 years of experience providing customized architectural solutions and our status as an Oracle Platinum Partner, we know how to take CX to the next level!

IS Team: Could you please tell us about the inspiration behind the concept of the company?

Mr. Balaji: The passion for creation by Steve Jobs & the enthusiasm of Elon Musk in transforming the world with technology inspired the team of SoftClouds to build effective, efficient CRM & CX solutions. We make customers successful by embracing their vision & enabling transformation. This made us one of the leading Consultative Solutions Provider of innovative customer solutions that rapidly yield measurable results & effective value.

Our methodology and ideology are responsive to business expectations and we always strive to take CX to the next level. We have extended and implemented services across various industries and established a track record of providing the best, successful CX enterprise & global level solutions.

IS Team: Kindly tell us about the mission and vision of your company.

Mr. Balaji: Our mission is to guide customers on their digital transformation journey by delivering innovative, creative & consultative solutions. We help improve revenue & margins by exceptional CX and provide customer easy solutions. Honesty & Integrity in customer interactions is the first thing we consider providing which is followed by best customization with excellent delivery experience. Our employees take pride in high-quality work that helps them and the organization grow.

IS Team: What are the various kinds of facilities that your company deals with?

Mr. Balaji: We service a wide range of industry segments in the technological industry for diverse sectors and verticals that include automotive, high-tech, manufacturing, communications and financial services. Being one of the leading CX solution providers, SoftClouds offers solutions that are diverse, innovative, creative and strategic forward-looking. We provide the best custom solutions to optimize costs and time within the technological industries. Our exceptional mobile products and solutions bring a revolutionary change in the technological world and make daily life much easier for humanity.

IS Team: What are the advancements that you can see in next 5 years of technological making?

Mr. Balaji: It’s not the companies that are driving change but the customer. We believe that the customers and their needs are bringing a revolution in the technical industry. For the past few years, Digital transformation has written its own page of success and made things easier. Impact of Customer Experience with current technology trends is excellent and exceptional. Technological advancements like AI, Machine Learning and Data in the near future are expected to change the current situation and bring new challenges.

IS Team: Could you please tell us about the future goals that your company holds and aims to achieve?

Mr. Balaji: Considering our outstanding performance, prestigious awards received in recent years, we are expecting to become a #1 Strategic/Innovative Solutions/Products Company in the near future. We foresee SoftClouds working with many more big players in the industry. We want to do a more focused international expansion in the next few years. SoftClouds has a very transparent culture with a high customer-focus which has enabled us to grow significantly over the years. Initially, it was very hard to have our customers envision our solutions – but now we are growing fast by providing the best solutions in cutting-edge technologies.

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