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TechSci Research | Karan Chechi

With the turn of every decade, the business world has taken gigantic progressive steps that have changed the dynamics of business at the global platform. Businesses are moving at a rapid pace in their bid to survive the fierce competition. While a few decades earlier, the energy and mining companies dominated the business world, today tech companies are ruling the business fraternity.

“Embracing change is the first step to continual success”

The parameters that define the existence of any business are variable and keep changing along with time, hence, understanding and incorporating the changes within the due timelines is what keeps the businesses afloat. A comprehensive market research takes the spotlight in analyzing those parameters and plays a pivotal role in creating the road-map of any business. As business experts define it – market research is the easiest and simplest way to keep up with the latest trends that are active and in use in the market. Reaching out to the target audience or catering to a niche market is becoming a real challenge with the emergence of new players, startups and established players who are expanding their market share.
Weaving the Success Web
Having global footprints with offices in the US, UK, Canada, and India, TechSci Research is a global research-based management consulting firm offering market research and advisory solutions. It serves over 700 global clients with more than 600 premium market research studies spanning across different verticals. Over the decade, it has delivered high-quality off-the-shelf market research syndicated reports that have helped firms to cement themselves and increase their market share. Working across a broad range of industries such as Water & Water Recycling, Automotive, Telecom, Retail, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, Semiconductors & Electronics, and Power to name a few, the company has successfully managed to stand tall in the global arena.
Embracing innovative technologies and exploring the in-depth expertise of the team, TechSci assists companies in identifying new market opportunities, growth engines and innovative ways to capture the market share. As a competent alternative to traditional research techniques, apart from delivering data and knowledge, the company showcases the insights in a more usable and interactive format to their clients. Leading organizations are using TechSci research’s reports for meeting their strategic business goals and making informed business decisions. The company feels overwhelmed and takes pride in assisting brands and companies to evolve through its research insights and acknowledges it as a huge incentive to be a major contributor in the research industry.
TechSci’s cutting-edge research model leverages its decades of research knowledge and an increased use of technology as engines of innovation to deliver unique research value. The company is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their unique market research needs by providing them with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional market intelligence services. In addition, TechSci Research also delivers a plethora of custom research-based consulting services to clients worldwide. Starting from market exploration, new product development, market entry strategy, and competitor analysis the list goes long.
The Prudent Leader
As the Research Director of TechSci Research, Karan Chechi has redefined the concept of market research and has been instrumental in transforming the company. As a seasoned market research and consulting professional, Karan has spearheaded to play a substantial role in putting TechSci Research on the world map. Specializing in creative and innovative strategies and methods of new market penetration, new product development, and product introductions, Karan carries over a decade of experience that has fuelled his motivation in accomplishing numerous milestones.
His business acumen coupled with research and interfacing with customers gives him the ability to spot new market and product opportunities. He is an avid speaker in various global conferences such as mec/pmv live 2016 in Dubai, Assocham Cosme India event 2017, Nanotechnology Awards and much more. His specialties include – custom market research, syndicated research reports, online panels, data analytics, business intelligence, Salesforce, SPSS.
Awards & Recognitions – Adding Glory
With the influx of technology, competition has increased manifolds as today’s clients are much more aware and educated. Over the years, TechSci Research has been successful in gauging the requirement of the consumer and to remain relevant in the eyes of the consumer along with identifying their key-pain areas.  These strategic approaches have garnered various awards and accolades that have added numerous feathers in their cap! Few of the mentionable awards are listed:

  • Top 10 market research company in India – Silicon India
  • Best market research & management consulting service – Wafisilpa Entertainments
  • Best place to work – world marketing congress, 2016
  • Applications of research award
  • Business-to-Business research award

A Note for the Newbies
With the global expertize and business acumen, the company has a piece of advice for all the aspiring entrepreneurs and budding start-ups. “Do what you have set out with total dedication and resolve. All roadblocks initially are a part of the learning process and help pave the way to success. Ensure that whatever you have set about to do is for the betterment of humanity, and lastly, as they say, there is no substitution for hard work.”
Future Outlook
Keeping an optimistic outlook for the future, TechSci Research plans to focus on increasing its custom research offerings and also strengthening its footholds in the consumer research space. Alongside, it also intends to increase the set up for helping brands venture into foreign territories and set up new international offices.
Source :-The 10 Highly Recommended Market Research Companies 2019

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