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Excelsior Research | Abhishek Shinde

For a product or service to excel, it needs to reach the right customer at the right time. With a global market which is fiercely competitive and customers who are more demanding than ever, reaching out is very crucial for a company. Finding the right target area and customer is important and easy when an organization has access to a marketer who can perform research and analyse the results. The key to reaching the correct customer lies in the research data that is available to crunch and analyse.
Helping Clients to Meet the Customers
Benefacting companies worldwide with its stronghold on market research are Excelsior Research Pvt Ltd, a full-service market research company. Backed up with experience, its research professionals are competent enough to handle complex assignments with ease. The company started as a small unit with a handful of employees in 2015 and has now grown to a strength of more than a hundred employees. Being consistent in its work quality, ethics and adherence to timelines has helped it retain and increase its valuable client base all-round the globe.
Bringing his experience of over a decade in Market Research Industry through Excelsior is its CEO, Abhishek Shinde. A highly qualified individual with Masters in Business from reputed Symbiosis Institute, Pune, he holds excellent communication, networking and sales as his strength. He has helped Excelsior Research to be associated with major players across all domains to serve them relentlessly over years.
From Challenges to Champions
Excelsior’s service offerings include multi-mode Data Collection (both quantitative and qualitative techniques), Survey Programming & Hosting, Data Processing and a wide range of back-end support services like data coding/punching, qualitative transcriptions and translations. It pools a client-focused approach with robust project management in order to offer a unique experience and solution to its clients. Its range of services comprises of Primary Market Research, Secondary Market Research, Report Writing, Report Reselling, Content Syndication, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Email Marketing, SEO, Online Panel Building and Events/ Webinar Registrations.  It offers Market Intelligence studies ensuring relevant fact-based research across a range of industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Technology, Chemicals and many more.
The expertise that Excelsior now holds has come after its fair share of challenges. The biggest challenge that it faced in initial years was sourcing right candidates. Abhishek adds, “It’s really challenging to source candidates in this industry, who actually understands the scope of this industry. With good mentoring & proper motivation, we were able to do employee retention to a great extent.”
The once deficit area of human resource is now the company’s strength. Excelsior’s core team consists of passionate market research professionals with rich multi-function experience in domestic and international market research and knowledge management processes.
Leadership at Excelsior Research comes with vast experience through its senior-level association with leading Market Research and Consulting firms. The team provides strategic objective insights, helping its clients to make informed business decisions. It also periodically updates its market research studies to ensure that its clients get the updated, relevant, and valuable information. Its industry experience and ability to provide thorough insights gives its clients the ability to secure a competitive edge over others.
The Industry and its Potential
Changing markets have changed the way business decisions are taken. They are taken not on gut feeling but through inferences drawn by a scientific process known as Market Research. To assess the feasibility of his venture, an entrepreneur needs an insight about the true need of the product or service to be launched, the target customers, profitability, competition, the potential of the venture, and new opportunities. These answers are provided through systematic market research by the inferences it draws from the research that eases the strategic decision-making process. To survive, sustain and grow in today’s cut-throat competition it is of prime importance to make decisions in the right direction with very low or no margin of error.
Excelsior’s Way to Excel
The company adopts a systematic approach to empower its clients. Acknowledging the market research problem statement, then prepares a questionnaire which is thoroughly designed to cover all the aspects of the topic under study. Data is gathered from the intended target audience and then analysed for different trends to get a solution to the problem under study and is finally presented in the form of reports. The company is flexible in terms of methodologies depending on the clients’ needs and budget.
In order to handle the huge database of records and for easy and faster excavation of data Excelsior Research has come up with an in-house developed CRM for management of internal data repository. It works on various online tools specifically designed according to the client’s requirements for smooth deliveries. It is adopting new technologies to ensure it provides the best services to its clients.
As the company evolves it finds its own way to engage and uplift its employees and reciprocate the recognition it has received from the society. It carries out different team bonding activities within the organization. Monthly training sessions are arranged in order to ensure that each and every employee is adept with the latest skills required. Through Rewards and Recognition, the company felicitates the performers in respective teams which boost the morale of each and every employee for optimum performance. Also every quarter the teams go for CSR activities, serving society through tie-ups with many NGOs.
Bring On the Future!
The market research industry in India has created a huge potential and is now being applauded for being indispensable for businesses. This also creates opportunities for the young to look at it as a potential career. “Startups should focus more on value delivery to its customers, which is most important for any organization to differentiate themselves from other players in the market”, counsels Abhishek. Having a clear vision of the future is also essential for startups.
Spelling Excelsior’s future goals, Abhishek says, “As a company, Excelsior Research would continuously strive to be the best agency into the market pertaining to End to End Market research activities considering the competition and genuinely in the market.” Excelsior has already started expanding its horizons with sister concerned companies like Excell Reports and recently acquired Online sampling company Cyber Age Research which would be working under Excelsior Research umbrella. Excelsior Research aims to become one stop solution for all the existing and new clients. The company strives to deliver excellence in terms of quality of the research and aims to achieve its mission of “Being the best agency to work with”.

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