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The Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC is a regional, political and economic union of seven Arab States of the Persian Gulf. These countries together provide a great economic platform for each other and the world.  Together they have moved from being into just oil and petrochemical products to a whole plethora of varied opportunities. Business options start from infrastructure to education, tourism, software development and many more. The region is witness to a steady economic progress and is hosting a lot of startups and business ideas. With its modified and upgraded trade and business policies, it is now widely seen as a business destination.
So if one is wondering about the opportunities of starting and owning a business in the Gulf, here are some ideas that might assist.
Car Accessories – GCC, especially Dubai is synonymous to unique, flashy and high maintenance cars. Most of the residents and expatriates own high-end cars and bikes which need quality maintenance and original parts and accessories. Investing a good amount to set up cars and vehicles accessories and maintenance shop seems to be a good idea. And if one is not interested in opening a physical store, an online store will do as well.
House Cleaning Services – Burj Khalifa is a standing example of the real estate scenario in Dubai and GCC. Posh areas with stunning homes, designer buildings, and offices are a common sight in Gulf. One can definitely extend a helping hand to keep these homes and offices sparkling clean through their Cleaning Services. Such a business requires moderate investment with cleaning tools, machinery, and manpower.
Travel Agency – The Gulf is realizing the potential of tourism and opening up its gates to the world. Many Gulf residents are keen on exploring the world. Setting up a Travel Agency can help tourism in and out of Gulf and flourish as a business. One needs to handle visas, passports, holiday packages, travel tickets via all means, hotel reservations and other such travel related details.
Food Services – If food is one’s forte, the Gulf has opportunities. Many cities are multicultural, so a multi-cuisine Restaurant is a good business idea. One can also handle food delivery along with or without a restaurant. Owning a restaurant is good, and tying up with various restaurants for food delivery is an even better idea.
Web Designing Services – There are so many businesses operating out of the Gulf and new startups trying to find their place in the Gulf sun, that the need for Web Designing Services doesn’t seem to die out. This is another low investment business idea that may give higher returns because of the huge demand. All it takes is technical know-how, creative ideas and a good team of developers.
Recruitment Services – Whatever be one’s business idea, it needs people to run and turn out a success. A Recruitment Services business can help bridge the gap between the demand and availability of talent.
Online Education — The Education sector in Gulf is booming and Online Education Services can be the ones basking in the sun. With growing awareness about education, there is a need for quality education and content which needs to be tapped by those looking for opportunities.
Event Management – The Gulf is a happening place in terms of business and personal events. Business Exhibitions, workshops, conferences, destination weddings need services of an Event Management Company and therein lays a business idea. Management skills, PR skills, good contacts, and a creative and caring staff are the most likely ingredients for providing such services.
Fitness Services – People becoming more health conscious is a global phenomenon and the Gulf is not untouched. Opening a gym, fitness store, a multi-workout studio, dealing with fitness products come under the umbrella of fitness services. While some options need a physical space, some can work online as well.
Service-on-demand – Service-on-demand is business idea that tries to capture the growing market of e-commerce. One can host a portal offering various delivery services as per demand. To deliver, the investment required is those on delivery vehicles, manpower, and tie-ups with retail or wholesale stores. The services can range from simple grocery and daily use items to exclusive and luxury items. The model which one chooses will depend on the initial investment one can chip in.

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