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Since the invention of ARPANET network in 1967 that formulated the path for today’s modern day Internet, the global IT industry has witnessed numerous transitions that continue to be the talking-point. Amongst the head turners, Cloud Computing stands to be one of newest forms of business models that is transforming the IT infrastructure and impacting business avenues. The leading global players have earmarked their own niche in the industry. From hosting, content delivering to database migrations and much more, these players have evolved as a preferred choice for countless companies looking for viable solutions in this domain.
Riding on the success of small and medium businesses, Cloud Computing has emerged as a ‘must-have’ technology and with a plethora of services under its belt; it’s much more than a platform offering cheap servers and storage. As we progress into the second quarter of 2019 in a few days, cloud computing is rapidly becoming the new-age enterprise digital application platform all set to create magic. This post lists out some of the players who have pioneered this technology along with knowing how it differs from the traditional concepts.
As per the market share and revenue growth, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google are global patriarch of cloud computing. Other emerging players that are steadily marking their own niche are Alibaba, Fujitsu, NTT, Oracle, Rackspace, Salesforce and more.
Acknowledging the Internet as one of the biggest catalyst, the evolution and success of cloud computing technology has been nothing short of a miracle! Along with constant progression from 3G, 4G and now 5G wireless technologies, the rapid advancement of the internet security standards and protocols have boosted the confidence of the companies to embrace cloud computing solutions. Independent reports and analysis have projected that the cloud-tech services market will raise upto $206 billion in 2019 from $175.8 billion in 2018.
As the cloud computing market is set on the trajectory of growth and expansion, new trends and innovations in the tech domain is sure to bring in more surprises for the IT sector. With the passage of time, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud solutions are the future buzzwords in this competitive arena. Designing an even-mix of current on-premises infrastructure with public & private cloud services, organizations are getting a better understanding and flexible options from the cloud providers. Multi-cloud is another trending technology that allows organizations to control and execute any application or data in the cloud space (public/private or hybrid).
Quantum Computing is one of the hottest topic discussed within the IT sectors that promises to transform the current state of cloud computing. With quantum computing, it would be possible to optimize financial models and enhance human-like interactions for managing complex computing tasks.
Serverless Computing is already in and has been accepted by the organizations and will continue to be in demand in the future as well. Here the cloud providers are responsible for providing the platform, configuration, applications without any extra charges for the services except for the PaaS charges.
As more and more organizations are shedding the traditional practices and moving up to have the best cloud services depending on their requirements, security of data is becoming a growing concern by each passing day. As Data evolves as the “new air” as ubiquitous as air itself, securing data has become the utmost priority for the cloud providers. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, launched in May 2018 is the effective answer as it brings up uniformity in data security law for the EU members. As per GDPR, any organization that caters services to the EU citizens, regardless of its location is subject to the regulation and hence it has a global impact.
As Lauren Nelson – analyst puts it – “In 2019, cloud computing will be shorthand for the best way to turn disruptive ideas into amazing software”. As SMU’s and MNC’s are embracing cloud services to power digital transformation, 2019 stands to be an eventful year for the IT sector as well as for the cloud service providers.
So, it’s time to embrace cloud computing and experience possibilities like never before!
– Devasish Kanojiya

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