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Weather Control Solutions India

In this modern age of technological advancements and stiff competition, performing innovatively and providing the best-possible services to the clients is of prime concern for every organization. Implementing cutting-edge technology of the highest level in businesses is the need of the hour to survive and excel among competitors.
Weather Control Solutions India Pvt Ltd (WCSIPL) produces a broad range of innovative, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems & solutions designed to decrease the operational costs, energy consumption and environmental impact of an industrial set-up. The company’s clients include some of the most well-known brands like TATA Batteries, Mother Dairy, Schreiber, Mondelez International and many others from various industries like food processing, aseptic, tetra pack, techlong, pet bottle, industrial kitchen, snacks and engine test chambers, precision industries, paint booths, and so on.
Weather Control Solutions India Pvt Ltd (WCSIPL) started its operation in HVAC since 2008 and was known as ‘Extreme HVAC’ before it changed its name to WCSIPL in 2015. Based in the manufacturing hub of India, Pune, WCSIPL is now one of the leading providers of custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for industries in India and overseas. The company started with the focus on critical applications like humidity control and expanded to cover all HVAC & R solutions. Since its inception, WCSIPL has been delivering professional service through expert advice and solutions, as well as high quality systems that are custom build, reliable and economical.
WCSIPL and its experienced team emphasizes on Timely Delivery, Professional Service and Customer Satisfaction as the 3 core values that reveal why the company has become popular among its clients. It provides its customers with completed design building solutions such as engineering, construction, management, mechanical drawings, installation and services.  The company is always determined to exceed the customer’s expectations. The team of specialists is trained in such a way that they become experts in delivering exact advice and solutions in a friendly manner.
A Pioneer in the HVAC Industry
WCSIPL has over 10 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry. Over the years, the company has developed innovative, custom solutions, with a deep understanding of the application requirements across several industries, and the technical expertise to build the highest-quality, highest-performing HVAC products in the market. Its custom products and systems offer flexibility to the clients to solve even the most challenging applications. WCSIPL offers total turnkey solutions while considering ASHRAE & SMACNA standards. It provides a wide range of services, including air conditioning solutions, Clean Room Solutions, Evaporative Cooling Systems, Humidity Control Solutions, Industrial Ventilations Systems, Multipoint Temperature Control System, Process Cooling Solutions and Refrigeration Projects.
The company intends to deal with better performing brands and adds all new trends in practical solutions. It has built a 1000 sq.ft office for Project Management, Marketing and Service. Here, the company has a designing unit featured with latest 2D & 3D software to make the blueprints of the products in the most scientific way to ensure effective results at the installation sites. WCSIPL has also  built a 5500 sq.ft manufacturing setup which is a fully automated factory for piping, pump skids, Portable Chillers Skid & Kitchen hoods etc. It aims to provide power saving, after sales service, and top branded technology at competitive rates.
The Insightful Leader of WCSIPL
WCSIPL started its journey in 2008 under the perceptive leadership of Mr. Yogiraj Chopade, the Director of WCSIPL. He is an expert in air conditioning, ventilation & refrigeration system designing and project management. He is a BE mechanical engineer with a designing experience in HVAC. He is passionate about designing and providing different solutions to control any critical temperature and humidity requirement of the clients. The WCSIPL Director is focused, goal oriented, internally motivated and an optimist. He is responsible for all HVAC system design, project management, procurement & quality. Mr Chopade has effectively managed Vendor relationship by empanelling new partners, evaluating & rewarding performance, streamlining contracts and providing a conduit to the business, thereby meeting stiff hiring timelines and targets.  He has successfully designed a number of projects which can perform better than systems which are running in market.
Planning and Investing for a Bright Future
WCSIPL invests in high quality professionals because it believes in investing in the future. Team WCSIPL feels that developing new technology, and sharing it across the company can be beneficial for the customer. It also believes in investing in the infrastructure for further development.
The market is booming and WCSIPL is constantly delivering systems that are better in terms of performance as well as power saving. There is stiff competition in the market. The company is also trying to capture the market which is based on solar energy so that maximum power saving can be done. Additionally, the company plans to introduce or work on solar energy based heating solutions, which can be useful for industrial kitchens.
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