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360Degree Digital Marketing | Vikas Mishra
360Degree | Digital Marketing

Online has become the go-to platform from where consumers consume relevant information. With just a quick swipe, skip, or scroll, consumers hold the authority as to what they choose to interact with. Thus, it is apparent that traditional marketing strategies are becoming less relevant. The advent of new digital tools has upended age-old processes in marketing and advertising, thus necessitating the emergence of best-in-class digital marketing firms.

Founded in 2016 in Vapi, Gujarat, 360Degree Digital Marketing is an ISO-approved, highly acclaimed marketing agency that combines advanced technology with the smart talent to deliver quality digital solutions to clients. It not only provides top-notch marketing solutions in Pan India but has also expanded its operations globally in countries like the USA, UK and Australia.

With an aim to give businesses new wings to achieve infinite heights, 360Degree Digital Marketing always stays on its toes and provides a rich array of services.

Those who dare to become the truest version of themselves find a deeper purpose in life. When life has a purpose, there are no boundaries; when time has no boundaries, age really is just a number. Vikas Mishra’s story as the Founder of 360Degree Digital Marketing is a living example of this powerful statement.

The Rising of the Young Leadership

Author Vikas Mishra is a 26-year-old renowned digital marketer with IIM Nagpur alumni and an entrepreneur with 7+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services, website development services, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Digital Marketing strategies.

Till now, he has worked with more than 300+ brands globally in multiple industries. He has deep expertise in various industries such as Real estate, Healthcare, and Education and supports small and large businesspeople to scale up their businesses. He has trained more than 2000+ students to choose their careers, out of which many are listing their names among top entrepreneurs, some have launched their startups, some are working for big companies, and others are blooming as the best freelancers of their respective niches.

Vikas says that he started 360Degree Digital Marketing at the age of 21, “When I was doing my engineering. During my engineering days, I got an internship after 2nd year in Mumbai. That internship was my 1st job, which helped me to know my skills better. During my internship’s only a month’s journey, I realized that I could be a good entrepreneur, and that made all the difference. So, after the internship, I started looking for ideas and learned about Digital Marketing. Learning is my passion, and I started learning from blogs, YouTube etc. After a few months, I started 360Degree Digital Marketing. It’s a bootstrapped start-up, and we are doing great.”

Flying High

Establishing itself as a Performance Driven Digital Marketing agency, 360Degree Digital Marketing provides a wide array of services. These are:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Promotions on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Influencer and PR Marketing
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing Consultation
  • Digital Marketing Training

Tricking the Hurdles

As it was a college start-up, the initial days were hard in terms of time management, learning and resources. For the first year, Vikas has run his agency in college along with his studies. Learning is an integral part of life, and Vikas’s self-learning and self-analysis skills helped him tackle all hurdles. “Soon, we started growing in terms of clientele and team,” shares Vikas.

During the pandemic, some of their travel industry clients stopped working. But at 360Degree, they paid full salaries to their employees. Even during the pandemic, they had onboarded new clients and already had a good amount of business to take it ahead.

Their development services have risen, and they have done pretty well in the pandemic.

As per digital business, the pandemic has taught us a new way of doing business and marketing, and organizations have understood the importance of digital marketing,” believes Vikas.

Wisdom for Aspirants 

Digital Marketing is an innovative field and quite challenging. This industry always has something new to lead the market with. “If you guys are innovative, learners, and passionate about the online industry, then digital marketing is the right career,” feels Vikas.

As an entrepreneur, Vikas says that his advice to budding aspirants who wish to enter the Digital Marketing world is, “Always focus on your Quality services.” Customer satisfaction is an important parameter for long-term business success.

Revealing his expansion plans, Vikas says, “We are scaling our services through a data-driven market approach. As a 360Degree Digital Marketing, we are looking to scale in Mumbai within the next two years because there seems to be a lot of potential in the market.”

Turning Dreams into Reality

360Degree Digital Marketing Agency always stays with clients to guide them and turn their dreams into reality. Some of the factors that distinguish the company from the rest of the players in the digital marketing industry are:

  • Growing a startup is a huge challenge. 360Degree DM puts result-oriented plans into place to establish a startup as a brand,
  • It is a data-driven digital marketing agency that helps in boosting the online presence with its data-driven marketing solutions,
  • It inevitably stays up to date in its digital tools and technologies. It keeps a strict eye on new marketing trends that put forward new ideas and opportunities,
  • In order to make informed decisions, the company regularly understands Statistical data. Intelligent use of statistics helps in formulating a wildly successful marketing campaign,
  • The company devises Budget-Conscious Digital Marketing Strategies,
  • It formulates creative ideas to explore new markets for clients to help them increase their visibility, sales, and profitability.

Bequeathing Businesses with Tech-Expertise

360Degree DM has worked with more than 300 brands so far. The young and passionate team of 360Degree DM understands the clients’ needs and requirements and comes up with top-notch digital marketing solutions.

The company follows a step-by-step process to frame a digital marketing campaign for its clients. The team first understands the client’s business and then analyses it through brainstorming. Post that, it plans the strategy keeping in mind the Target audience, Demographic target, Content strategy, Communication medium, and Media Planning. A detailed discussion about the concept and understanding of the scope of services is a must in the agency. After the campaign goes live, weekly reporting is done to check the ROI of the campaign.

We are a result-oriented Agency. Our Digital Process helps our clients to get automated reports and support. At the same time, it’s our Commitment, Quality of service and Strong technical knowledge that has helped us gain the trust of our esteemed clients,” asserts Vikas.

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