SVR BioScience Research Services: Fostering a Digitally Advanced Scientific Future

SVR BioScience Research Services | Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi
SVR BioScience Research Services

In the receding global healthcare crisis, the world witnessed the wonders of advanced research in biosciences. It offered us an upper hand in fighting the COVID-19 disease successfully by developing a dozen vaccines in record times. Due to the global collaboration of scientific minds on unified digital platforms, this unprecedented feat has been achieved, increasing our faith and reliance on further research and development in the realm of healthcare, medicinal, and drug discovery sciences.

To secure our future with advancing safety benchmarks, it is now imperative for us to continue this drive and maintain this innovative, critical, and scientific momentum. Encouraging academic, private, and public research by providing a unified digital advanced platform is one of the primary aspects of this noble drive. Founded in 2020, SVR BioScience Research Services is a monumental step in this regard.

Under the exemplary leadership of its Managing Director Dr Sundru Manjulata Devi, SVR Bio-science has established itself as a strong life science research services (Academic and Bioinformatics) agency with a national and international presence. SVR BioScience is a company focused on life science-related subjects, mainly including Biotechnology, Genetics, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Food Technology, Nutrition, Probiotics, Cell Biology, Immunology, Cancer Biology, Nanotechnology, etc.

A Holistic Ecosystem

The company provides consulting and services to national and international clients. Master’s and Doctoral students receive training and live project assignments, mainly in Bioinformatics. Since clients are becoming more familiar with online learning, SVR BioScience encourages them to submit original data. “This will enable us to interpret and provide analysis and reports that are customized to them. Clients from different universities and colleges around the world can access our services. Currently, we have partnerships with organizations and universities in Germany, Australia, London, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Qatar, Kuwait, Canada, Portugal, and Malaysia, along with our native country, India,” shares Dr Devi. While research and writing are Dr Devi and team SVR’s forte, the solutions they provide are unique, innovative, flexible, customized, timely, and holistic. They have a highly driven and dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to Dr Devi’s goal of delivering expert solutions.

Dr Devi adds, “Digital platforms are the basis of all our services, so gaining the trust of our clients is one of the most significant challenges. Our company appreciates the positive feedback we have received from a variety of clients. Personal care and students’ needs are given precedence when customizing the coursework we offer.”

A Visionary Commitment to Ethics

In the beginning, SVR Bio-Science faced the most challenging task of outperforming its competitors and countering the complexities of the market. Dr Devi says, “A commitment to ethics and vision has allowed us to succeed tremendously.” Getting established from scratch and running a successful company for more than three years is the major accomplishment of SVR BioScience. Dr Devi informs, “As the founder and managing director, I and my team have gained a wealth of experience in data analysis of the following

  • Genome analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Metagenomics
  • Molecular docking
  • Transcriptomics, and RNAseq analysis

Much expertise and software skills are required to perform the techniques and analyze such voluminous data. SVR BioScience has handled over 200 projects, mainly dealing with data analysis, manuscript writing, peer-reviewing, and publication support for international journals. The firm’s profit rate has increased by 59% in 2022 when compared to the previous year 2021.

A Knowledgeable Scientific Dynamism

Sharing her journey, Dr Devi says that professionally, she has gained knowledge and experience in life science subjects and the medical profession as a result of her work at reputed institutes such as the Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) and CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). Dr. Devi is also a recipient of prestigious awards like

  •           Young Scientist fellowship from Science, Engineering Research Board (SERB), from Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi
  •           Young Scientist award from Omics publishing group (USA)
  •           Recipient of ‘Women owing the business arena’ from Insight success

Dr Devi mentions that they provide data analysis and manuscript writing support to medical and non-medical students, professors, and researchers. Based on their experience, clients always appreciated the chance to share their thoughts, and the team SVR is always available for data analysis and interpretation. Dr Devi mentions, “We have won more and more assignments with our expertise in this area, and we have left our niche mark with our dedication.” Additionally, Dr Devi and SVR BioScience provide the right scientific pool to support collaboration and enhance the company to meet the dynamic nature of projects.

Being an expert leader Dr Devi opines that adopting modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is impacting the bioscience research space and SVR is continuously adapting to the change. Several bioinformatics tools have already been used to analyze protein-protein interactions, protein-ligand interactions, ligand-receptor interactions, and drug modelling. These techniques enables us to perform better and get more impressive data.

It is a fact that AI and ML will play a leading role in drug discovery in the future. New-age entrepreneurs can benefit from AI for improved performance, time savings, and high-quality deliverables. “Shortly, we believe these two revolutionary technologies will be embraced,” expresses Dr Devi.

A Firm Persistence of Conviction

All of her journey was not a cakewalk though, reveals Dr Devi, “As a result of my desire to take on challenging roles across different geographical locations and take on new responsibilities, I have encountered several challenges throughout my career.”

These challenges have been overcome through effective management, communication, adaptability, ownership, and accountability.

“When we embarked on our journey, we were committed to delivering affordable manuscript drafts and solutions for our clients. We must learn to face challenges and become resilient when striving for greater heights,” says Dr Devi. To succeed, you must have persistence and a firm conviction. As a creator, you are free to make and innovate and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The Wisdom Goddess

In her advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into a bioscience research niche, Dr Devi cautions that it is a challenging journey to be an entrepreneur and requires an entirely different mindset from a regular job.

We also need to have a clear goal, a determination to attract, develop, and retain customers and partners, and a strong focus on their goals,” she believes. Additionally, playing multiple roles with vision, mentoring, leadership qualities, compliance, and providing an authentic following of all non-disclosure rules and regulations with ethical responsibility.

Tech-Integrated Tomorrow

On envisioning scaling SVR BioScience Research Services’ reach in the future, Dr Devi shares that they want to gain global recognition from various trustworthy clients as part of their plans and are trying to increase team strength in the coming years. As part of the company’s strategic plan, several experienced professionals, especially women, will be hired to broaden SVR’s services, allowing for several in-house and international opportunities to be developed.

She reveals, “In the future, AI-based technology will drive our business and tangibly benefit our leadership.” With AI, organizations will be motivated to develop a culture of lifelong learning and provide staff with opportunities to acquire updated skills constantly, and with work-from-home opportunities forever. Additionally, this engages company leaders in understanding the technologies that will drive their company forward.

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