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Apple Company has shared the results for 2017 quarterly revenue record, where they posted revenue of $52.9 billion, it was noted that the sales of iPhone mobile products went down leaving them with less than expectations. Apple is known for being very good in income and capital regeneration programs by which they boosted a return program by $50 billion, it’s not a small amount to have invested in that sector but  the company’s motive for investment  was down after the results of the program was posted.
Apple has provided series of device models and versions of which the recent ones were iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, now the public has gone for some kind of rest but in wait for the possible display of a newer version of their product, Apple is again coming up with version of iPhone 8 which expected to be the next big driver of sales in the market and a huge turn around in the competition with other products such as Samsung, although reports have claimed that the launch of the new iPhone could be delayed. The report gotten from the market on the possible dissemination of Apple products has it that Apple sold 50.7 million iPhones in the second quarter of 2017, which is lower than the 51.1 million it sold in the same quarter early 2016. Apple’s iPad sales were also not upto expectations on a yearly basis, and has been stagnant at sales of 8.9 million, even though the company has introduced a new upgrade to the iPad in the 2017.
In every business its known that it would never always go up in favor of the business but rather, the record of ups and downs must be there, the inability of Apple to meet up with the various sales expectations such as with their mobile phones and Ipads were good examples of not infavor developments but here is a good part of the story;
Apple has been selling its macs product for some years but this year Apple’s Mac business saw a slight increase in yearly sales to 4.1 million Macs. Revenue from Apple’s services business was found be at 7.04 billion, which can be rate as slightly lower compared to last quarter’s 7.1 billion. In all happenings within the current year amongst other years, Apple’s revenue from services has grown by 18 per cent; as recorded last year of 2017 Apple’s revenue from services stood at 5.9 billion for the same quarter.
Apple CEO Tim Cook comments on investors earnings call:
In Apple’s Investment when considering India, it’s noted that Apple has been increasing its investments in India. Apple is also reported to start manufacturing in India, and have made known the very intentions of opening of more Apple Stores in every part of the country not minding that this has been going on for some years now.
According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, March being the third month of the year 2017 is a record quarter in India for the company, and they saw a great number of increase especially economically for up to double digits. He made a remark on the improving 4G network and the growing economy of the country, this means that the country has the type of market needed for their business growth.
“We will continue to strengthen our presence across the entire country, and with all optimism, we are going to ensure proper co-existence within India,” said Cook. He also made a remark concerning their inability to have penetrated the whole local pat of the country India, and promised that with the presence of 4G network they are going to reach out further and beyond.
Apple Watch: The lunching of Apple watch was really a great move for the company and in India, Apple watch is one of the most important devices made by this company and being sold in the country, even though the people have never gotten a clear record of the volume of product which goes in and outside the market. To clear this doubt on air and in this event, Tim Cook said the sales for Apple Watch have “nearly doubled year over year through the sales of Apple watch.
He added this is the “best-selling and most loved smart watch in the world.” Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 2 with the iPhone 7 last year. Apple is still the leader when it comes to smart watches, and while the wearable market hasn’t grown according to expectations.
Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that amongst the products of Apple Company that Air Pods have a “98% customer satisfaction rating based on a recent Creative Strategy survey.” He also said the demand for the product is outdoing the supply. He pointed out that the revenue for Air Pods, is surpassing that of headphones and Apple Watch combined, and giving the company a strong listing amongst the “fortune 500 company” Apple CEO has not given any number for the Air Pods sales within the year 2017.
China: Apple sells in many countries of the world but we cannot underestimate the involvement of China as a nation and market for his products, for Apple, China is an important market, where the company has lost market share to homegrown players like Huawei, OPPO, and vivo. Not minding this development Apple is still getting “double-digit revenue growth” from Mac, through the Services in Greater China. Apple recorded revenue increase by 27 per cent from last year in Mainland China.
Apple has an overall all down fall up to 13 per cent on the yearly basis within the first quarter of the year 2017.
Apple is facing criticism because the Mac line is being ignored. Yet Apple saw its Mac revenue rise by 14 per cent. Tim Cook said, “We’re investing aggressively in its future, and we are very excited about the innovation we can bring to the platform with all enthusiasm and optimism.”

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