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Codleo Consulting | RS Maan

The present acts like a beacon for future navigators. In the global cosmos of modernistic industrialization, technological waves of digitalization have helped entrepreneurship to cross over from the darkest black holes of the pandemic. Salesforce is the primary force of digitalization provided enterprises and industries can cope effectively with the quickly changing scenarios of concurrent skies.

By leveraging your business tools, processes, people, and data, Codleo Consulting is investing in precise technologies like Salesforce first to establish your connection with your clients –residing on the digital planets of the online networks across the expanding market universeand then strengthening that connection into an unbreakable long-lasting bond.

Under the legendary leadership of its Managing Director and Global CRO Mr. RS Maan, Codleo has emerged as one of the most trusted IT companies based in New Delhi within three years of its inception. Starting with an aim to transform the work process of different business organizations, it has expertise in executing strategic business ideas using the latest technologies for enhanced customer experience.

Your Success, Our Mission

Sharing the inspiration behind Codleo’s venture, Mr. Maan states that the genesis of Codleo lay in the coming together of Late Mrs. Bimla Singh and family friends – Mohit Sharma and Rahul Ray, in early 2019 one wintry morning in a classroom in the school, run by Mrs. Singh. The three founders decided to build a company that would deliver holistic solutions for customers rather than those consulting and leaving them with just technology/digital tools. The Salesforce services company would bat for its customers and empower them to forge deeper and lasting bonds with their customers. Codleo Salesforce Consultancy was launched in April 2019 by the three founders with determination, inspiration, and self-belief.

Currently, Codleo is an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 certified company that works at par with global standards. With a culture of addressing business needs and building strong customer relationships, it is serving 50+clients across different domains, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, immigration, and many others.

Every day is a new day to find hope and make a start” is a mantra that Mr. Maan lives by. With a cumulative experience of over 20 years in driving strategic innovations in the technological domain, Mr. Maan has been one of the pioneers in introducing the power of CRM – Salesforce to corporates in India and the North-Eastern USA since 2010. In his role, Mr. Maan is responsible for strategic innovation, business planning, software design, sales and marketing, channel creation, operating model improvement, and strategic partnerships to help the business growth and expansion.

Quickening the Digital Journey of Your Organization

Highlighting the brand Codleo Consulting’s USPs, Mr. Maan says, “Our 100% certified employees, best practices, management with experience of minimum ten years each, comprehensive support services, Salesforce summit tier partner status, and ISO certifications are the exceptional specialties that helps us in remaining a trusted brand in this competitive niche.”

Codleo brings together a broad range of services within the areas of Digital Marketing, Marketing automation, and CRM. It has an in-house team of 60 young professionals who provide out-of-the-box solutions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Management, Website Design and Web Development, and Mobile Application Development. To deliver a high return on investment, the team formulates impactful strategies and campaigns that drive sustainable revenue growth.

To provide exceptional support to businesses, Codleo provides integrated CRM services that include consulting, implementation, support services, migration, health checks, training, and many others. It also offers a gamut of new-age technology services to provide seamless business operations, such as Business Consulting, Cloud Services, Data Analytics, Mobility Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, Staffing Services, and Blockchain platforms. After achieving an overwhelming response from the market, the company forayed into the product segment and launched exclusive apps – ‘Projecleo’ and ‘Venleo’ that provides seamless support for project management and vendor management, respectively.

Discovering Transformations Together

ProjecLeo is an exclusive project management app designed to provide impeccable management practices for businesses to achieve specific goals in a specified timeline. It has powerful project planning and scheduling features with collaboration tools for teams. Also equipped with user-friendly task management and time logs, the app helps to automate and streamline essential business processes for enhanced operational efficiency.

In such a short span, Codleo has also partnered with a few prominent names in the tech industry – Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk.

Codleo has established a global presence in international countries, including Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Additionally, as part of the company’s expansion spree, it endeavours to tap the lucrative North American software market through its cutting-edge technology solutions.

Mr. Maan states, “Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, almost every sector is foraying into digital platforms. Through strategic technology solutions, Codleo strives to capture a large chunk of the IT and digital market share.”

During his free time, Mr. Maan serves as a strategic thinker for nonprofit organizations and plays an instrumental role in running a dog shelter and children’s school for marginalized communities in North Delhi. He has also taken the initiative to establish a group to assist college students in learning. He is also running Codleo Foundation, which offers reskill programs for IT personnel and provides free online technical education. In addition, he has conducted several career counseling sessions and delivered guest lectures on CRM in different colleges, such as Symbiosis.

According to Mr. Maan, the immersive benefits that accrue to a client with their Salesforce solutions are wide-ranging and include:

  • Automation of processes, tasks, and workflows.
  • Customized engagement with leads and clients on their journey with brands.
  • Real-time reports and dashboards for analysis and remedial actions.
  • Personalized content.
  • Enhanced ROI over time.
  • Efficient and productive work for specific departments like sales, marketing, service teams.
  • Single source of truth.
  • Data stored in one centralized place.
  • Work from anywhere and anytime thanks to all solutions being cloud-based and cell phone compatible.

Conquering through the Ups and Down

Concerning the initial and present challenges they must overcome, Mr. Maan says that their initial challenge as a start-up was client acquisition, as companies were reluctant to allow newbies over existing brands in the IT and Salesforce domains.

He conveys, “Our passion, determination, and zeal kept us going, and our first client (a top brand in the manufacturing sector) came onboard within a few months of our launch, and that was a major feather in our cap. It provided a big boost and confidence. Thereafter our perseverance has kept the momentum rolling.”

Now he believes that their current challenge is the same with the pandemic and expected US recession looming on the horizon. As a result, companies are conservative with spending & onboarding new tech that will empower them in the long run.

Mr. Maan, an experienced leader, shares his distinctive and profound opinions on how Salesforce services have become crucial today and what advancements are expected in the future. He feels that Salesforce is a premier name in the CRM market. As a revolutionary Cloud platform around, the Salesforce bouquet of applications is beginning to find wide usage in a host of industry domains, and it is seeing growth year-on-year thanks to its versatility. Salesforce CRM and its services have thrived since its launch way back in 1999, thanks to its agility and innovation.

Ensuring Future Ready Enterprises

Since Covid 19, CRM is becoming the go-to digital tool for all businesses to be future-ready. He puts, “We see an increase in knowledge of as well as usage in India of Salesforce.” Additionally, Salesforce has enhanced collaboration by linking platforms like Quip and WhatsApp and the acquisition of Slack. This has fuelled more demand for Salesforce, as it is proving to be an end-to-end tool. “Looking ahead, we expect Salesforce to merge data science and big data capabilities to its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud,” he adds.

This will lead to automated customer service tasks (thanks to Service Cloud) and allow marketing teams to use the information for predictive and focused marketing (courtesy of Marketing Cloud). By offering personalized CRM tools to segments of businesses and customized experiences for customers that aid in storing essential and valuable data, Salesforce will continue to see a growth story for years to come and envy of others.

Forwarding the Momentum

On envisioning brand Codleo’s future goals, and their plan to embrace changes happening in their strategies, Mr. Maan reveals that they have big plans for the company with a global presence. He states, “Our goal is to be the first choice of companies (small, medium, or enterprise) when they think of Salesforce services.”

To this effect, they have opened offices in a few major Indian cities and select international hubs. In addition, they are looking at team expansion, being a Salesforce training centre, as well as increasing the range of apps they have developed on the Salesforce platform. “We currently have the following apps that we curated and are available for corporates – in the domain of Project Management, HR, and Vendor Management,” he informs.

Being a tech company where change is the only constant, and that too with lightning speed, they are agile and adept at embracing new technologies, ways of working, and delivering superior customer delight. “We are at the forefront of innovation and out of box solutions that deliver quality outcomes for our clients worldwide,” he expresses.

The Smartest Professional Wisdom

Before Codleo Consulting, Mr. Maan worked with EXL Services Insurance and IBM India for Quick Books software for a few years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indraprastha University and a Business Marketing Diploma from IIM, Calcutta.

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of salesforce services, Mr. Maan states that there is no shortcut to success. “To grow in the Salesforce universe as a professional, you need to study hard, work smart and be diligent,” he asserts. A background as a B. Tech (Computer Science) or a coder is an asset. “Everyday be in a student mode and burn the midnight oil to grow with this tech and in this career of choice,he concludes.

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