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CloudVandana Solutions | Atul Gupta
CloudVandana Solutions

According to CloudVandana Solutions’s CEO, Atul Gupta Salesforce has emerged as nothing short of a revolutionary CRM platform for sixty-eight percent of companies in its two decades of journey. These businesses use the Salesforce platform to customize their business solutions completely.

What is so magical about Salesforce that makes it ‘World’s Most Innovative Corporation,’ twice, in the Forbes list, and Gartner’s #1CRM for nine consecutive years? Atul shares that the Salesforce Service niche is always evolving as new features and capabilities are added to the platform. The philosophy of ‘A twenty-four-by-seven software access to the masses’ is inbuilt into Salesforce. And, as customer demands and market dynamics change, the global cloud-computing architecture-based platform evolves. “It is like a living-breathing organic entity adapting to the change constantly,” says Atul.

He further explains that CloudVandana offers eight significant Salesforce benefits: Simple ImplementationDevelopmentIntegrationApp DevelopmentData Migration, AppExchange, Lightening Component, and Support & Maintenance. “This is why we are distinctive,” insists Atul.

Salesforce Experts–We do nothing else

CloudVandana is a Salesforce-first IT company offering business process consulting and development services through the Salesforce Platform and its comprehensive offerings. Its skilled and experienced team conducts a strategic assessment of clients’ requirements and implements their business process on Salesforce Cloud. CloudVandana has been a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and ISV Partner for the last eight years, “From the time Salesforce has been ranked number one CRM globally,” informs Atul.

The man behind CloudVandana’s tremendous success––300K hours of consulting delivered; 100+ projects completed, 30+ Salesforce Certification acquired; and 15+ years of combined experience––Atul laid the foundation in 2016. He has been a 2X Salesforce MVP and has nine Salesforce Certifications. He has been working with globally situated businesses in creating custom Salesforce Solutions.

An Incredible Leader

Before the genesis of CloudVandana, Atul worked with Accenture, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, for four long years. Atul also leads the New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group and initiated the #SalesforceSaturday community meetup and discussion in India for professionals to share Salesforce knowledge and experiences.

Sharing his professional journey, Atul says, “I started my career with Salesforce, and I was comfortable with the language. My fascination with Salesforce is a technology-driven platform that is constantly evolving and helps to solve modern business problems.”

The Salesforce Service niche is a growing and in-demand area, and there are many opportunities for professionals to advance their careers by developing expertise in this area. Those working in this area need to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with these changes and learn new skills as required. “So for me, it was challenging and exciting simultaneously,” he expresses. This constant learning and turning challenges into opportunities has been Atul’s own inspiration to launch CloudVandana to help companies dramatically increase revenue by solving key challenges such as inefficient teams, ineffective value proportion, and inefficient business processes.

Modernize Your Business with Us

Highlighting CloudVandana’s USPs that make it a leading brand in the industry, Atul says that CloudVandana does not believe in ‘One size fits all approaches. “Our experts take calls from the clients and focus on their pain points and requirements. Based on that, we provide the customized solution that is best suited for that organization. Customer satisfaction and long-term relationships with them keep us ahead of other service providers,” he states.

Further, CloudVandana offers some very immersive benefits of Salesforce solutions to its clients, which are unique to the company. Salesforce helps businesses keep track of customer interactions and sales data. It can manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases. Salesforce also offers several features to help companies to automate their sales and marketing processes, such as email marketing, lead capture, and lead scoring.

“We help companies to get the maximum benefits of this platform by implementing Salesforce CRM into their workflow. In addition, we provide Salesforce Staff Augmentation service to organizations to avoid any skill gap and maintain scalability yet deliver the best productivity,” he reveals.

Positivity Defeats Challenges

When probed about what their initial challenges were after venturing into the field of salesforce services and now, and how he overcomes them, Atul says growing a company and creating jobs for others can sound cool, but running your own business is not easy—working for yourself without the security net and being lonely frustrating and challenging. Everyone says you no in the beginning.

“For me, the biggest challenge was hiring; people you recruit as employees have a huge impact on your start-up’s success.” one negative employee can quickly damage the team, which directly affects productivity, and then it’s hard to fire someone, but having the wrong people in your start-up can be very disruptive.

“So my suggestion would be, for the first person you are planning to hire, spend time making sure you find the right person and create clear and open communication channels, so you understand their strengths and weaknesses, and then they will help you to create a good team. I did the same to overcome this hurdle.”

The Greatest Feature: Automation

Being an experienced Salesforce leader Atul says how Salesforce services are crucial today and what advancements can be expected in the future. According to him, Salesforce provides valuable insight into how customers behave, respond, and react to various sales and marketing campaigns. In addition, it provides information regarding marketing trends, lead generation, and management — that help organizations to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. Organizations can experience the 360-degree view of the customer journey, so they can easily provide personalized and customized solutions to their clients.

Automation is one of the greatest features of Salesforce CRM.” This platform is helping organizations across the world by automating various tasks. So in the future, Salesforce will automate a major part of repetitive and manual tasks for better productivity and revenue.

Raining Rewards

On envisioning brand CloudVandana’s success path in the future, Atul reveals that they have some precisely devised plans in this regard. “We eventually want to become a number one choice for salesforce service providers, and our company has a strong track record of growth and innovation.”

“We will focus on Expanding into new markets, developing new products and services, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability will be the prime goal for this year.”

“We will also work in developing a strong online presence, attending industry events, and using targeted marketing campaigns, exploring partnerships and collaborations.”

His advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the salesforce services niche is precious. He says that Salesforce may be used by large enterprises, but it also allows great automation tools for smaller businesses. “It is a scalable solution, so the pricing that Salesforce offers here is manageable by almost everyone and can be used to kickstart a small business,” he concludes.

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