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With each passing day, the software industry is growing at an amazingly rapid pace. Digitalization is transforming the way in which businesses are carrying out their marketing strategies worldwide. A proliferation of the internet, growing usage of social media, and increased number of digital channels are some of the factors that drive the growth of digital marketing.
Since a lot of companies have realized the significant role of digital marketing, they are heading towards best digital marketing solutions. However, on the other hand, there is a lack of effective IT as well as digital solution providers with good knowledge and effective skills. This is where Invento Bangladesh put its step forward to understand IT and digital marketing needs of the clients. It blends best of design and technology to create unique and effective digital solutions that take a business to a new height.  Invento Bangladesh is creating a seamless stream of Technological and Digital Solutions to facilitate businesses, social development, branding, and marketing. The company’s mission is to engage in the development activities for humanity, meet SDG 2, 11 and 12 by creating new digital ideas.
An Ardent Leader
Ashfaq Rahman is the Founder of Invento Bangladesh. Having completed his graduation from Daffodil Institute of IT on computing and information system, he has been engaged in providing freelance services to different clients in abroad right from his studentship.  Later, he started a content platform called “Youthsparks” which is one of the first online magazines for youth in Bangladesh. Further he helped to develop a technology-based startup called “Osource Bangladesh” and worked as a software developer and senior project manager in the company. In 2014, he established his organization Invento Bangladesh which is working in the local market and providing technology solutions along with digital marketing.
Ashfaq is very keen in acquiring knowledge regarding the latest technology and trends and also deeply engaged in the betterment of the company. He is a geek, fitness enthusiast, social worker.  Apart from Invento Bangladesh, he is engaged with different social organizations like “JCI COSMOPOLITION DHAKA” and a known face in the ICT Industry of Bangladesh.
Ashfaq’s advice to budding entrepreneurs, “I would like to suggest my fellow entrepreneurs to first understand the problem has a simple solution, conduct the feasibility before jumping into any business. Furthermore, failure will always be there and only failures lead to success, so I would like to recommend never to give up or not to lose hope”
 Offering Effective Services
Invento Bangladesh is a digital creative agency that focuses on design, consulting, and technology. The company has been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past four years.  It is dedicated to providing best-in-class services comprising of Websites, Customized Software, ERP, POS, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Apps (Android/iOS), Domain Hosting, Digital Marketing, Creative Asset Production, and Consultancy. Invento Bangladesh is a full-featured Software and Digital Marketing Company that provides complete ERP, POS, Website and App solution as well as Digital Marketing to yield the optimum ROI.
Operating in its initial years solely as a software company, Invento soon realized the growing demand for digital marketing and established digital marketing wing in 2016. Currently, the company is dedicated to offering both software and digital marketing services. It provides software and website solutions to over 100 clients globally.  From small retail stores to complete ERP solutions, the company is dedicated to provide best-in-class services to the clients.
Standout in the High- Tech World
Technology has helped the company in solving B2B and B2C barriers existing in the market of Bangladesh. Using technology, the company has been able to generate optimum ROI for many organizations in Bangladesh. It has also provided software solutions to many organizations, which have helped them in eliminating human errors, reducing human efforts to bring the utmost results. Currently, the company is exploring the latest technologies to craft digital marketing solutions and ensure the best utilization of the digital space.
Identifying Challenges -Creating Opportunities
Presently, the digital and software industry is facing a couple of challenges. Most of the times, people are yet to be technology and fail to understand the value of acquiring digital solutions. Market players have played a pivotal role to create a funnel where there are lesser potential clients and an increased number of service providers, and ideas are replicated every day. Also, raising fund has been a major issue both in Bangladesh and in this sub-continent.
The startups of the South-Asian counties could be the catalysts in solving humanitarian problems and considering the population as an asset. Issues like traffic, water and sanitation, hygiene and global warming has brought in more calamities, which can be either reduced or contained using digital solutions. Invento is overcoming all these industry challenges with proficiency.
A Road towards Better Future
Progressing forward with a positive approach, the company aims to be a leading company and a prominent software solutions provider in South Asia, having 2 or 3 major products or mobile applications along with providing the best Digital Marketing solutions across the globe.
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