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Established in 2006, Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy (KIEC) is defying the conventions and aiming to transform the learning landscape. With unified efforts, the organization is striving to redefine the field of student recruitment, study, career counseling, and test preparation. Located in the capital city of Nepal, KIEC has empowered thousands of Nepalese students to pursue their dreams of receiving world-class education and finding the right career path.

Authorized by Nepal Ministry of Education, the consultancy has 10 branch offices in the major cities of Nepal and international offices at Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). Acknowledging the client choices, KIEC spends a large amount of budget in organizing weekly educational seminars and fairs inviting a team of representatives from the reputed universities of Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Providing exceptional and quality services is what best describes KIEC! Producing students with globally recognized education and highly skilled man power with utmost perseverance, dedication, and passion, KIEC is now one of the leading educational consultancies in Nepal. Its forte of ‘quenching clientele’ has helped it to create a niche in its sector. Leading with excellence, the company’s insightful team has been its backbone, who has catapulted the success journey through crests and troughs.

The Man ‘Behind the Scenes’

Successfully working for more than a decade in the sector of Study Abroad & Student Recruitment, Rajendra Rijal is the Founder and CEO of the company. He is a young, dynamic and enthusiastic personality, who is QEAC, ITAC, USATC and ENZ certified agent for abroad study programs and a trainer at TITI. Since inception, he has been a visionary to deliver quality education for Nepalese students at its best.

Rajendra’s farsightedness and knacks has helped KIEC to convert every challenge into opportunities and reach to the peak. Under his zeal, energy, and vision, the company has come a long way. His belief of doing ‘right investment in right time at right place’ makes him successful in whatever he does. Embracing ‘team work’ and ‘freedom at work’, Rajendra not only strives for the company’s success but also for his employees’ eminence.

Apart from all this, support, valuable suggestions and guidance of Rajendra’s wife Namita Shrestha, who has thirteen years of experience working for students’ admission in several countries, has been the key to organization’s growth and success. Together they have achieved numerous milestones in this field and have been able to sustain in the competitive global market.

KIEC – A One-of-its kind Company

“We believe there is no fun working without challenges. We must learn to embrace the challenges if we are to evolve,” says the founder.


Every week, the consultancy organizes two free educational seminars for different colleges and universities of different countries, where students receive one-to-one counseling from the college or university representatives. Students with very good academic background are further assisted to secure scholarship from their chosen college or university. Excellence in maintaining documents is one of the major reasons behind KIEC’s high visa success rate. Its IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE classes are run by highly qualified, trained and experienced instructors. Classrooms well-equipped with modern technologies, spacious laboratory for practice and oceans of materials attract hundreds of students. The consultancy leaves no stone unturned in improving students’ English language skills.

Other services of KIEC include:

– Organizing 3-5 intensive classes for students on how to write a good SOP.

– Preparing students for visa interviews.

– Helping students get plane ticket at reasonable cost.

– Assistance in finding accommodation in the country students are moving to.

Over the years, embracing the cutting-edge technology has helped KIEC in achieving whatever it wanted. To be precise, communication and IT has had a tremendous impact in its success so far. The consultancy has a separate department allocated for IT, where the IT specialists and consultants contribute to advertising the brand through social media, web portal and several other search engines. This tech-enabled initiative enables in promoting and disseminating the information about the upcoming events to the students.

Living by ‘Let’s make this world a better place to live in’, KIEC believes that ‘quality and practical education’ are the keys to transform the education landscape. Thus, the vision and mission of KIEC is to bridge the gap between Nepalese students and International education.

For more information the customers can visit the online portal of KIEC.

An Advisory Note

KIEC believes that success comes with ingenuity and originality. As such, it advises the newbies to come up with the ideas they have faith in. The emerging entrepreneurs should work with a philosophy to fulfill the dreams of their clientele.

“Be original, be faithful and be supportive. Just adore and respect your customers and their choice, milestones will follow you,” adds Rajendra.

Now and Next

Today, KIEC is known as a trend setter in Nepalese market – an organization with a ‘Midas Touch’. Backed by resources, infrastructures, technologies, positive thoughts and a prominent, the consultancy is all set to be an untouchable and unstoppable superpower in the global market. Within the next 10 years, the consultancy will have its offices in South Asian countries, especially in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In short, KIEC aims to be recognised as the most trusted International Educational Consultancy along with its expansion in other parts of the world.

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