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Ridwan Hafiz | Insights Success

The digital world has provided new ways for businesses to connect with customers. Those who want to stay at the top are leveraging this medium to reach out to the customers in new and more personalized ways. Partnering with businesses in their quest to connect with the customers is the first ever one-stop digital agency of Bangladesh, Analyzen.
Laying the Foundations
Analyzen’s journey started as a software company founded by brothers-in-arms Ridwan Hafiz and Sumit Saha. While Sumit is a great coder and learned everything he could in technology.  Ridwan focused himself in customer acquisition, became an engineer and later started the digital marketing revolution in the country. Together they pivoted Analyzen into the digital agency that it is today. Later they took another partner Risalat, a Unilever veteran and the three of them complimented each other by individually focusing on technology, creative and strategic aspects of the company.
Started from a total investment of $100, Analyzen grew organically. Without any investment or any fundraising, it made its presence strong not only in Bangladesh but also outside the country. It now has an office in Singapore & Myanmar and altogether they work with over eighty brands in six countries.
Championing Digital Solutions
Analyzen is an all-encompassing digital agency lapping up everything that falls under the category of ‘Digital’. It provides customized technology solutions to the major businesses for operations like Sales Automation, Market Activation System etc. It works on the mobile application, VR, AR and is now focused on AI. Majority of its business is on digital marketing. Starting from Brand strategy development, social media management, content creation, e-commerce optimization, community management and of course most importantly digital planning & buying – Analyzen does it all.
Leveraging Technology
Always a pioneer, Analyzen started focusing on marketing using technology when the whole concept was very new. Focusing on the new-age technology and devising ways to translate it to help brands build more equity to get more sales is the biggest reason behind Analyzen’s success. It is always focused on using and building tools to understand data science better and optimize them accordingly.
Towering Over Challenges
Considering the challenges, the duo says, “There was a time when Digital marketing was just a luxury. Overall marketing budget’s less than 3% was spent on Digital. But now things have changed drastically and it is growing exponentially. There are so many companies for whom digital marketing is the only medium to grow.” Social channels are today considered as the primary focal channel for the majority of the marketing campaigns. Maintaining the quality in times of stiff competition is the underlying challenge here. They further added, “Starting an agency is comparatively easy and there are so many people who are coming up and trying to undercut the market by not calculating the value of return on marketing investment. The industry needs to be more matured and every brand should learn to use digital marketing effectively.”
Anlyzen wants to be one of the topmost agencies of the whole world. With the growth of technology, advertising has truly gone global. With that, South Asian Company can do as good as a North American one. The South Asian tech industry has been always proactive and adaptive when it comes to the growth of the tech industry. Be it BPO, Software or Digital Marketing; South Asian companies have made their marks on the global scale. Analyzen’s goal is to benchmark its presence in all the continents and rule the arena of digital advertising. To achieve this goal, it is focusing on continuous innovation and smart implementation.
Pep Talk
For the emerging startups, the duo advises to, “Find the necessity, use technology to fill the need. If one product doesn’t work out, be ready to pivot and pivot again until you find your sweet spot.” They insist that entrepreneurship isn’t a destination but a journey and that one should enjoy this journey as much as one can.
Innovating Future
Analyzen believes it can think, then innovate and bring changes. Every year, it needs to be better exponentially than it was in the previous year. The whole digital ecosystem is growing, and it is far from reaching a saturation point; Analyzen will set its footprint in other markets of South East Asia & South Asia to grow larger and become better.
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