Pradyumn Jain: Enabling the Idea of “Cloud Computing & Cyber Security”

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“Seeing my team succeed and gain positive feedback from our customers is what keeps me going.” –Says Pradyumn Jain, Chairman – NetDataVault. It is a global brand of next generation Cloud and SOC Services that are aimed at helping Small and Large Enterprises make their IT Capex-free, productive and revenue generating. It offers innovative cloud services that allow its customers to participate in the Cloud revolution by eliminating complexity, maximizing control, and reducing cost.
A True Leader
Pradyumn is the one who likes to build teams by giving them a helping hand, on the job training, and creating an environment where team members at all levels are free to express their views and take decisions. He encourages all his team members to hone their skills and improve their own market value. Pradyumn believes in the notion of continuous development and encourages the team follow the same, working closely to support them and leads by example. He lives by the mantra that ‘Nothing is impossible’ and ‘Every problem comes with an opportunity’; one must just choose the best alternative.
The Genesis
Pradyumn co-founded NetDataVault’s parent company, NGBPS LIMITED in 1993 and has since served as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  In 1993, he also co-founded Software Technology Group (STG), a knowledge based solutions provider in the field of software training and consulting. A true leader, he is involved in every aspect of the business. Right from inception to date he has held the record of on boarding the first customer for each line of business himself.
Pradyumn was also a part of the core team of HCL until 1990, following which he went on to setup the telecommunications division of Escorts Limited. Throughout his career, he has founded several start-ups in the IT/ITES and communications sector, serving on their board of directors and taking an active role in guiding the companies.
Moving from a product and solution centric approach to a 100% service organization in 2012 and setting up NetDataVault while exiting the Data Center build space was a big challenge and risk. The successful execution and a rich customer base is evidence of NetDataVault’s Success.
Current Industry Scenario  
Several firms have predicted that the cloud market is bound to grow exponentially by the year 2020. And, thus there is need for business agility and innovation. Many SMBs and large-scale enterprises are adopting cloud solutions as businesses gradually comprehend the complexities of data centers. Today, organizations need solution providers who can actually understand their business requirement and help them in achieving their business goals. This can be a daunting task with the proliferation of an increased number of me-too solution providers in the market that lack the knowledge, skill set and the right technology to ensure a satisfied client.
The Global Brand
Today, NetDataVault is a global brand of next-generation Cloud and SOC Services and is successfully serving its clients from various verticals including, the BFSI, NBFC, IT, ITeS, and IoT. It has been able to offer simple solutions to complex requirements, where many multinational and local cloud providers failed. NDV’s Cloud services effectively assist their clients to achieve the desired performance.
Unique Business Model
NetDataVault follows a highly customer focused approach, help customers to overcome challenges like security and compliance, cost management and vendor lock-in associated with cloud. It has also taken care of other major factors including reliability, performance, and support. Moreover, the company has built a robust Cloud (IaaS) Platform offering virtual machine instances on its own technology stacks which ensures high performance and maximum reliability for its customers. The platform is highly secured and has been adopted by many reputed companies across industries like E-Commerce, BFSI and a host of new-age digital businesses.
NetDataVault launched North India’s first ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3 Certified Data Center in North India in 2012 and the most advanced Cloud Platform in the country. The facility assists large enterprises and small and medium businesses in the areas of hosting, collocation, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service and Back-up-as-a-Service. The NetDataVault Cloud Platform was the first IaaS platform developed in India with an orchestration layer and auto scalability. The latest offering from NetDataVault is the AiCyberWatch – Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service offering which is India’s first AI and ML enabled SOC as a Service Platform. Built in partnership with World Leaders in the field, the platform has already become a popular choice for the BFSI and NBFC sectors.
Future Purposes
With an empowered team, NetDataVault is sure to be counted among the top five Cloud and Managed Security Service Providers in India. It is striving to reach this position by 2025. It will continue to launch futuristic and world class solutions in the cloud and support its customers with its unrelenting and uncompromising service support.
Wise Words
“Believe in yourself and your dreams. Work towards building your business with 100% commitment and razor-sharp focus. Let your end goal be to help your customers with solutions to their problems and the rest will fall in place.” advises Pradyumn.

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