Prashant Kumar: Leading PromptCloud as a Pioneer in Data as a Service

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In the present time, one of the buzzwords is ‘startup’. The world of entrepreneurship has attracted limelight as popular media, and blogs have added colors to the canvas while covering success, failure, and the huge business opportunities.
The Perfect Example of Data-driven Leadership
This story is about a young entrepreneur who initially was at crossroads in deciding his professional journey. On the advice of his professors, he decided to take a plunge into the corporate world and experience a new life! Honoring the determination and the zeal to succeed, we showcase the journey of Prashant Kumar, Founder and CEO of PromptCloud – a company that specializes in end-to-end ownership of clean and large-scale web data delivery.
Decoding the Business Model
Elaborating the concept of his startup, Prashant asserts that “Over time, we have built a team of passionate data wizards who absolutely love the freedom internet provides when it comes to information flow and wants to share the same with businesses across the globe.”
Founded in 2010, PromptCloud is a pioneer and global leader in Data-as-a-Service solutions. Currently its big data solutions are enabling some of the biggest names from a range of domains including travel, finance, health-care, marketing, analytics and more. The USP of PromptCloud is dealing with data on a very large scale and being able to provide low latency feeds that are clean and ready to use. These factors position them as one of the market leaders in this segment.
Adapting to constant changes has been a key success factor for the company. With the exponential growth of data on the web and increasing complexities, the entity is witnessing sharp increase in demand for web data. Owing to this and the brand value, last year it has doubled up its revenue and increased the client base by 1.5 times that includes some of the Fortune 10 companies.
Distinctive Solutions and Diverse Services
As the web crawling market continues to get congested by the advent of new players, PromptCloud leads with innovative solutions that act as the biggest differentiator for them. Some of the notable elements have been listed below:
End-to-end monitoring: Web sites have dynamic content on their pages, and structure changes quite frequently. PromptCloud tackles structure changes on the website via sophisticated monitoring system and supports clients until data gets imported into their systems.
Complete Customization: PromptCloud offers completely customizable tech stack that can cater to any type of business requirement irrespective of its complexity. For example, PromptCloud can setup custom crawlers to fetch dynamic rules as inputs in real time to control the data extraction.
Large-scale complex crawls: Managing large-scale crawls from websites that use complex technology is one of PromptCloud’s USPs.
Also, their solutions are backed by an impeccable customer support team. Embracing technology to the core, the team offers industry-leading data coverage and delivers result by going beyond the SLA.
Given below are the flagship solutions offered by PromptCloud:
Site-specific crawl and extraction: This solution fetches relevant data from the web that gets converted into structured data, and then delivered to clients via API. Data can also be pushed to client’s FTP server, AWS S3, Google Drive or Drop Box accounts.
JobsPikr: As a vertical-specific solution, it extracts job listing data from popular job boards and 1000+ corporate sites daily.
Datastock: This solution delivers clean and ready-to-use pre-crawled web datasets that can be instantly downloaded.
Live crawls: These are highly optimized crawls which can fetch data in real-time when the client hits custom-made API for a particular site.
Hosted Indexing: Structured data created from custom crawls is hosted and indexed and exposed to clients via APIs for query.
The Future Journey
Prashant holds an optimistic view for the future. He understands that to be on edge of the curve, PromptCloud needs to adapt new technologies regularly and facilitate innovation. As the parting words, Prashant gives a glimpse of his future plans – “For the next 3 years we are looking to strengthen our core technology advantage, increase robustness of our automation techniques using AI and invest in a greater talent pool”.
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