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India-based pioneer Sashanka Agro Tech Ltd. established in the year 1999, dealing with various Agrotech activities. Since inception, the company is helping to create a viable, economically profitable, and sustainable growth and it is fully committed for the farming community at all the project stages. It takes care of all the aspects that give the best results to the farmers.
Believers behind Sashanka – The Success Script 
The company was established by Bishwanath Sinha, the Managing Director. He started his carrier in the field of print journalism, and during his visits in the rural areas he was deeply moved by the apathy of the farmer. While on travelling at different places he felt the requirement of farmer for increasing the marginal productivity of land by establishing protected structures and through using the new technologies and as a result Sashanka Agro Tech came alive. 
After few years Aniruddha Sinha joined the company as the Director. The company has two decades of experience in handling various agro tech projects. It also has the excellent and undisputed experience of successful stirring different profiles at State Government, Government of India Research Institutions, some other prestigious organisations, and corporate clients.
Sashanka Agro Tech has completed excellent and undisputed projects at different Research Stations, Agricultural Universities, and States. At the Initial Stage, Sashanka Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. operated from Ranchi, Jharkhand and slowly and steadily they have reached from backwoods of Himachal Pradesh to different rural areas of Karnataka and the difficult hilly areas of Madhya Pradesh to Mizoram.
High-end Services
Sashanka Agro Tech is working on the establishment of  the Agricultural infrastructure through turnkey projects, under which different types of green Houses, Hydroponic, Aeroponic and Aquaponics facilities, Drip Irrigation System, on farm Collection and Post Storage Unit, Organic farming Support Facility, Eco Animal Shelter and Training centers are framed. Apart from this, two important projects are Tissue Culture lab and Solar Renewable Energy divisions. In Tissue Culture lab, Company ensure consistently uniform quality of disease-free planting material through application of biotech for mass micro propagation of high yielding (genetically true-to-type) elite clones. The product of Tissue Culture raised plantlets will have zero variation and uniform growth.
In year 2011, Sashanka took its first step towards solar renewal energy having vast experience and expertise with continuous research and development. Thus, the company is now in the position to provide to design, manufacturing and installation of solar water pumping system, solar roof top system, solar cold storage, solar street light, solar green house and solar street light. Sashanka Solar water pumping solutions has reduced the expense of Diesel and Electricity cost, with little maintenance and long product life, which is indeed a boon for farmers. Sashanka Solar powered cold room addresses the problem of post-harvest losses in fruits, vegetables and other perishable produce.
Accomplishments to Be Proud of
Company has received various awards and recognition for their exquisite work in the field of agriculture, some of them are:

  • In 2009, Received ISAC Annual Convention Award from Birsa Agriculture University
  • Received Agro Tech Fair Award in 2011
  • In 2013, Received Award at National Seminar
  • In 2014, received First Prize at State level Horticultural Festival
  • In the year 2015, Received Prof. Ajit Singh Memorial Award
  • Received award at Indian Institute of Natural Resin and Gum

Crystal clear Mind-Set
Company is working with a very clear vision to uplift socio-economic status of the farming community by making them free from vagaries of nature through introduction of modern agriculture practices. Earlier these high-end facilities were accessible only to the big farmers. Now, this facility is available to small and marginal farmers through Sashanka. With the help of Sashanka Solar Green Houses, farmers can keep producing Solar Energy under PV Panels, while, at the same time, farmers can keep producing the agricultural product under the Panels, so these projects actually double the productivity of land.
The Way Ahead
In future Sashanka is going to initiate many important initiatives for easy adoption of new technology for new farmers, out of which one is international level training center, to be established at Kanke Block in Ranchi District. This training center will be highly developed where, farmers, Govt. officials and the person who are directly or indirectly related with agriculture can acquire the knowledge related to agriculture tissue culture plant Production and uses of Renewable Energy under one roof.
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