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Agriculture has been the mainstay of the Indian economy for ages and continues to be a dominant contributor to scaling the GDP of the country. Independent studies have revealed that the total agricultural exports from India have grown over 38 billion USD in FY18. The exponential growth is a combined result of the traditional agricultural products along with the innovative technologies that have emerged as the game changer in recent times.
Over the last decade, the advent of agri-tech companies across the country is fuelling the opportunity to transform this sector.By cementing itself as a ‘solution-provider’, the industry stands to be the perfect answer in maximizing productivity and aligning the efficient use of resources. By leveraging technology in the areas of B2C and B2B markets, and even digital agronomy platforms, these companies are able to address the traditional challenges of Indian agriculture.
Journey Fostering Creativity and Novelty
Population, rising income levels, increased export volumes are the key factors driving the agricultural growth in India. Evolving startups, established players in the agritech domain along with the recent Government impetus in the form of policies and reforms are delivering impeccable solutions for the farmers in an utmost manner. One such pioneer that has successfully engineered the art of delivering innovative organic agro solutions is Smur Agro Ventures. As the demand for organic food products has witnessed a steep incline in recent years, studies divulge that the total organic cultivation in India stands at a meager 2.59% in the global list. This huge difference is one of the foremost factors that led to the inception of SMUR. It has partnered with the latest organic innovators, agronomists, and enablers across the globe and has crafted scientific organic products for crops that are favorable to the Indian soil and climatic conditions. Standing tall as one of the forerunners in promoting scientific organic farming, SMUR has been phenomenal in educating and marketing this concept among the all agriculture segments in the country.
Under the flagship of Smur Agro, the company offers a plethora of products – starting from seed treatment to ripening. Currently, its portfolio consists of thirteen products that ensure that all aspects of growing food are looked after organically and esthetically. It specializes in producing high-grade ingredients like extracts and fungal extracts, algae, organic material for specific as well as general use.The company is on a mission to enable organic farming by providing solutions, products, and support to farmers. The team is receiving fabulous responses for the NPOP certified products that are launched in the Indian as well as global market. Especially for crop growth and pest disease management, the company is witnessing a huge surge in the demands for organic products. As an international associate of iFOAM, (international umbrella body of organic farming, Germany), Spur Agro has cemented itself as one of the market leaders in this segment.Alongside manufacturing the products in the country using ‘advanced nano organic’technology, the company has tie-ups and association with global organic research and organic companies that have yielded positive results.
An Ingenious Mind
As the CEO and Founding Director, Udayan Arya is the Captain who is successfully steering the ship of Smur Agro in the business world. With a career spanning over two decades, Udayan has amassed extensive business acumen in the areas of Business Strategy, Communication, Marketing, Re-engineering, and Advisory. In his illustrious career, he has worked with over eighty clients who are reputed and known globally and has earned the reputation of an astute strategist, advisor, and orator.He has also written a paper on ‘inside-our re-engineering process’christened as ABM.
Exceptional Services – Bringing the Change
Since inception, Smur Agro has transitioned from an agro-business to a comprehensive ‘solution-provider’. Today it offers a complete range of organic products and solutions for commercial agriculture and domestic garden segments. Talking about commercial agriculture space, the company offers onsite technical assessment, application assistance, customized schedules and much more! As a committed organization, SMUR walks the extra mile to educate and enlighten the farmers about the growing schedule of every crop, cultivation techniques, costs, and expected outcome. Providing a broad analysis related to the cost benefits along with assisting the farmers to obtain organic certification are some of the mentionable initiatives taken by the team. To expand the prominence of organic farming, SMUR has recently launched a ‘state-of-the-art’ e-commerce platform through their website alongside providing advert and market intelligence support for their channel partners.
Enlightening the Tenderfoots 
The company believes that the agricultural sector has a vast scope and space for entrepreneurs. Embracing innovative business models is the need of the hour for this sector and understanding the real issues of the farmers is the biggest factor. It asserts that if entrepreneurship is built keeping the needs of the farmers in mind, there are a plethora of business opportunities with a lot of real contentment.
Future Endeavour
Smur Agro carries an optimistic outlook for the future. The company plans to strengthen global tie-ups with prominent players with an aim to fortify its global presence. The company is working to improve the perception of organic farming through the involvement of global influencers and stakeholders.With a focus on continued innovation and promotion of healthy and solid organic products and practices, SMUR continues to partner with best minds across the globe and strive for an easy and economical reach of such best organic products and support system.
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