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The year 2017-2018 called out for the peak electricity demands of 164GW and is expected to grow and reach up to 235GW by the year 2021-2022. The nation recorded around 10GW of solar power in 2017, almost doubled its record from the year 2016.   All these developments are taking the Indian renewable energy industry to new heights. Autonic Energy Systems Private Limited is one such solar EPC firm which assisting the nation in becoming a solar superpower.
Starting as a manufacturer of solar products in 2005, Sachin Rele, CEO of Autonic, has led the company with his insightful leadership from the last two decade. The company created its name in industrial application for the energy industry and within a span of five years; the company a special niche in the Inverter and UPS segment. Recognizing the solar opportunity in the market, Sachin transitioned Autonic into solar energy solution provider in the year 2005.
Autonic’s foray in solar domain started with the off-grid solar installation, solar street lights, and solar home lights.   Autonic was empanelled as System Integrator and Channel Partner with various government programs. Autonic focuses on Solar Rooftops, and Floating Solar Solutions.  . The experience gained by Autonic in the last fourteen years is broadly based on ideation and drive to create a learning organization.
Autonic has received 1D rating from CARE, which denotes highest in technical competency. They have successful execution of 170 solar projects has established, today Autonic is a leading organization for providing solar power solutions.
The dedicated design and project monitoring team executes most complex projects PAN India, while a focused team, monitors solar generation and analytics to improve project performance.
Autonic has installations in Germany and received orders from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Today, Autonic has an independent BU for design and engineering service, offering the services including for a German solar EPC company.
The Vision
The Vision of Autonic is to “generate clean power by designing a robust performing system, install the system enjoy the fruits over it designed life”. This philosophy is demonstrated with installation in Shoppers Stop and Mercedes India; the systems have performed seamlessly for over four years without any downtime.
Autonic has a professional managed by executive Board Supported by, Mr. Nainit Merchant, IIT,IIM with over 40 years of corporate experience ,   Mohan Raghavan, 33 year Industry stalwart as  Chief Operating Officer and Hiren Shah, CA as  CFO, Design and Project team on board.
The Achievement Graph
The organization has created a ‘first’ time products for clients existing throughout the nation
To summarize:
Autonic Innovations
The company’s products have been the first in the nation in their respective industries.

  • Banking Industry – First Solar ATM in 2009 for Indusind Bank
  • Freezers – Solar powered Visi cooler system for Coca Cola
  • Retail Segment – India’s first retail shopping chain, Shoppers Stop
  • Ware-houses – 100 kW installation at Deccan Warehouse
  • Cold Chain – First solar solution for Bhoruka’s Coolex Cold Chain
  • Micro Turbine – Grid-tied micro turbine installed for Infosys

Fruits of Hard Work
Autonic have received awards for ideation in renewable energy, creating a rock-solid landmark for the company, Tata Innovista award is recognition for Tata Capital project for design of solar forest. The project created an Art Deco integrating solar with design. The company also received honorable mention in the world’s most prestigious green award –The Green Dot Award – in 2014, which is established with the intention to recognize outstanding products and services, manufactured and delivered in an environmental friendly manner by an enterprise.
A Sustainable Future with floating solar
Energy in the future will be complex mix of all the power generations. Solar will be an important component of the generation matrix. Solar is constraint by availability of land, now solar can migrate to underutilized areas, such as dam reservoirs, to become highly valuable power-generating station.  Floating solar systems will perform better than land based solar farms due to optimization factors like temperature, shadow effect and dust. Other advantages will be water, which causes them to operate more efficiently. Solar Modules can install on large bodies of water such as: reservoirs, lakes, canals, ponds, and hydro power dam reservoirs.
Autonic has collaborated with ISI Floating, Spain to create a special vertical for floating solar projects in India. ISI floating developed floating solar technology in 2008 and the project is successfully operating for over 10 years.
The advantage of ISI floating technology:

  • Nestable

ISIFLOATING optimizes transport operations and logistics.

  • Easy of Installation 

The modular design of the system enables the assembly and installation outside the water surface and gradually, different subareas are launched into water.

  • UV stabilizers 

Just as unprotected human skin suffers from sunburn due to excessive ultraviolet radiation, plastics are also damaged by exposure to light.  UV stabilizers provide outstanding protection against the degrading effects of sunlight, heat and oxygen on the mechanical, optical and physical performance of plastic parts.

  • Flame Retardant

ISI floats are designed with flame retardant masterbatches help to protect people and property by delaying the spread of fire and toxic by-products and, in some cases, preventing ignition entirely.

  • Antistat Properties

ISI floats are designed to operate near inert to   electric charges as it is also critical to protect sensitive electronics flux and to reduce a major fire hazard in production environments.
 ISI floating and Autonic will offer entire solution spectrum 

  • Supply of floats
  • Design support
  • EPC

The firm is also depending on Government of India, which has accepted the potential of floating solar and intends to install 1 GW of floating solar plants. Autonic believes that this will create blue ocean strategy, for early movers.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Green Energy Providers in India

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