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Renewable energy has the potential to become the solution to the long-standing energy and environmental challenges faced by the developing countries. India is one of the few countries with long sunny days and abundant sunlight, and hence, is endowed with vast solar energy potential. The cost of solar solutions has decreased in recent years and commercial viability of solar energy has improved significantly. Now, solar power cost is much lower that the grid electricity price, and in addition, policies are favorable. However, the consumers like homeowners, business-owners, non-profit organizations and housing societies face a frictionful experience on a few operational aspects while adopting renewable energy!
Oorjan Cleantech Private Limited makes it easy for people to save money while doing well for environment by providing premium solar solutions. Oorjan is one of the most innovative and fastest growing solar solution provider in India. The platform brings the best of solar technology, data and financing under Oorjan brand to help customer to join the solar revolution.
Premium Solar | Easy Finance | Greener Future
Oorjan is a technology enabled distributed solar company that caters to residential, commercial and industrial end users. Oorjan’s offerings include premium solar products of international brands, easy financing options, installations and hassle free maintenance. The company has built bank and private investor partnership which helps Oorjan to provide financing options to consumers. The company offers multiple financing options like loan under Capex or Opex /BOOT/ PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).
Oorjan has its proprietary technology of site assessment, proposal making and IoT based remote monitoring tool which provides real time and historical generations and savings, and also provide proactive maintenance alerts. These tools are also licensed to more than twenty installers across India.
About the Trailblazers
Oorjan is led by IIT Mumbai (and also Berkley / ISB/ Stanford) alumni each with more than fifteen years of experiences collectively across Solar, Engineering, Finance and Technology.
Gautam Das (IIT Mumbai & ISB), Roli Gupta (IIT Mumbai & Berkeley) are the Co-founders and Directors of the company. Manjesh Nayak (Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary) is one of the founding team members. Gautam is responsible for driving business, partnership and fund raising activities.  Prior to co-founding Oorjan, Gautam was a Director with Treasury – Citibank India and has worked with Citibank & Citigroup for more than fifteen years. Gautam grew up in rural India without access to electricity at home and school, and feels happy to run a solar energy company! Roli is responsible for driving products and technology at Oorjan. Prior founding Oorjan, she was part of business development team at Areva Solar, and has worked in US and India. She won Top-10, Women Entrepreneurship Quest (WEQ) award in 2016 – Department of Science and Technology in association Anita Bora Institute. Manjesh is responsible for business development and client management. Prior joining Oorjan, he too was part of Citibank India’s treasury business along with Gautam. Core team includes young and dynamic team members from other IITs and engineers across functions.
One platform for all Solar Products and Services
Ecosystem in India is improving fast and better than ever before. Renewable energy technology has come long way and improvement has been phenomenon. As price goes down, Investors’ are confident to have reasonable and predictable return and adopting solar is commercially viable. Solar energy sources have potential to replace traditional energy sources. Still the sector faces some challenges like Aggressive bidding of traffic, poor quality hardware, access to capital at the reasonable cost of fund. For better future of green energy it is important to build the awareness about the solar solution. The solar industry faces the challenges in terms of lack of awareness, access to finance and quality of hardware and services to build scalable business.
Oorjan is dedicatedly working on building awareness, providing finance and adopting best technologies. The company extensively use technology to build awareness and relevance of green energy that is “commercially viable and environmentally responsible”. Oorjan reaches out to consumers digitally and selectively runs outbound programs to onboard clients. The company has built financial tie-ups with banks and private players to provide access to capital. Eventually, customer pays from the money it saves and hence, solar adoption becomes easier. Oorjan has its proprietary monitoring tool which tracks real-time and historical generations, saving and also provides proactive maintenance alerts. The company’s proprietary tools like site assessment and customer relationship management (CRM) tools make the delivery process seamless and provide better client experience.
Achieving Milestones by Overcoming Challenges
Renewable energy space in India is yet to mature. Concerns over quality and sustainability of the business need to improve. Poor quality hardware’s and technology spoiled the market and investor confidence is shaken in many cases. Cheapest system on day one could be the most expensive to consumers and/or investor in long term. Oorjan overcomes all these challenges by adopting best-in-class hardware and technology for sustainable growth in renewable energy space.
Oorjan has touched about 200 projects across eight (8) states in a short span of time. Oorjan has received several awards and accolades such as “New Energy Leaders in Asia” by Asian Development Bank (ADB), “Top-10 WEQ awards 2016” by Department of Science and Technology in association Anita Bora Institute, and “Top 30 Technology Enabled Start-up of India” by Your Story to name a few.
A Look into the Future
The global energy crisis is an important issue at international level. The whole world is looking towards energy security and environmental protection by reducing the dependency on traditional fossil fuels and solar energy technologies are proving itself as a best alternative source.
With its best in class solar solutions, Oorjan plans to operate across ten states in immediate future. Progressing forward with positive future, Oorjan will be amongst the most trust worthy solar partners in India with reliable technology.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Green Energy Providers in India

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