Coronium Solar: Harvesting Wind, Water, and Sun for All Energy Needs

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Smart renewable energy is an appealing field and virtually everyone loves to watch the live magic of electricity being brought on by the non-conventional manners in front of their eyes. In addition, from the internet revolution, the end users are acquainting themselves with the latest in sustainable energy. Right now major leaders of the world are very much focused about Solar. Government, these days is emphasizing on energy generated by renewable sources. Urban or rural and are popular with different utilities in these sources as they have no limitation in such areas. Further, with the prices falling down drastically, the sector has centered itself with an easily approachable door. All the above circumstances have driven the audience calling for, to learn further about energy generation by smart renewable devices and has raised the interest of general people in renewable especially solar. From a hand-held device such as a smart Power bank to a power plant, a customer; based on his needs can choose his solution.
Coronium Solar is a professional EPC firm is engaged in the business of renewable power projects and delivering the same solutions in the hands of the common consumers.  The firm was established in a small town Bilaspur in the state of Chhattisgarh. The firm began in the year 2012 with the prime notion of providing renewable energy solutions to the last customer possible. Techno Savvy trade partner sides with the firm and along with continuous hard work and innovative products, Coronium has achieved feats over feats in last six years with an installed capacity of more than a megawatt of off-grid solar power plants.
About the Founder
Coronium Solar is a green energy solution provider founded by professionals from Engineering, Energy, Management, and Marketing fields. The Founder and Managing Partner of the company is Jitendra. With a Management degree from IBMT Bangalore, he commenced his career in the banking industry and grew consistently. His attitude and creativity lead him to achieve what he is today. Driven by a passion for green energy, the founder has merged his strengths and combined the experience of over a decade to grow into a leading provider of affordable, innovative, and high-quality renewable energy solutions at a national level.
Why Coronium Solar
The firm answers to this question by being aggressive and keeping in line with future technology. It is currently working on the technology of lithium batteries and has adopted the technology of RTC in solar ups. With a passionate team of professionals, it has satisfied more than 1000+ clients. Some of the major clienteles are; NTPC, HDFC Bank, West Central Railway, CREDA, Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank, Apollo Hospitals and many more.
The Difference
Differentiating apart from the rest, Coronium has always believed in innovation and after-sales services. With the will of adapting the latest technologies every time, the firm has adopted real-time monitoring in solar power plants with real-time clock technology along with MPPT. It has collaborated with companies, which are driven by innovation and future thinking. The firm has been using Lithium battery technology since the past five years from the day the technology was at a nascent stage. With the expertise in solar street lighting solutions and the Ace of the products being Solar High Mast light, its Chinese partners have adapted this same concept as well. Now Coronium is planning the same to spread all across the world after looking at the whopping response in India and China.
Taking into Account the Latest Technology
According to the firm, technology is an integral part of green energy and without technology, humans cannot expect optimum results such as a constant increase in the efficiency of solar modules, constant improvisation in the Lithium Ion technology as well as pump sets. All these equipment are well backed up by the pinch of technology. Without technology, the improvisations and equipment will lie idle. Through technology, the firm converts any rotational motion or energy taken from Sun into usable energy and pays homage to technology, which let humans integrate renewable energy into our everyday lives.
A Renewable Future Ahead
Coronium emphases on innovation and R&D and beliefs renewable energy is a vast field with a scope. It is currently into renewable energy; however, the future holds immense scope for innovation from renewable energy. The firm demonstrates this by giving an example “we are working on the concept solar cooking stove driven by solar panels and batteries which will completely replace the need of LPG”. The Solar Emergency Lift operating System (SELOS) concept will remove the need of generators from buildings, which will result in zero to none lift breakdowns due to power outages. Coronium is also considering rotational motion and with respect to that, is launching new product-rotational doors to generate electricity. Another venture in which the firm is working is e-vehicles concept bike, which will be launched on March 19 at Delhi and full-fledged production will start soon after this launch.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Green Energy Providers in India

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