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EnArka India Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) leads the market by providing products & solutions in four key business areas organized around the verticals of Industrial Power electronics, E-mobility & storage, renewable energy, and engineering services. The company innovates, designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-quality, intelligent and efficient power conversion products for industrial, commercial & residential applications, serving new, emerging and niche markets.
Under the industrial power products & solutions, enArka serves defense, space, aerospace, automotive, medical, process industry, welding, and telecom markets. In India, enArka is a leading producer of a whole range of high-precision, high-current and high-voltage programmable 19-inch rack-mounted DC power supplies in the 1U, 2U and 3U form factor. These power supplies find application in driving magnets, electroplating, particle physics, water treatment, component burn-in systems, Battery chargers, ATE (Automatic Test & Measurement Equipment) market, technology development centers and research labs in educational institutions.
Within the E-mobility & storage business vertical, enArka serves the market with its AC and DC fast-charging systems (Bharath AC-001 & DC-001) for Electric Vehicles (EV). EnArka also produces a wide range of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) using various Lithium-ion chemistries for EVs (2W, 3W & 4W), telecom storage, micro-grids, and Inverter market.
Under the renewable energy vertical, EIPL serves the market with a whole range of high-performance Solar Power conditioning units (SPCU) from sub kilowatt to upwards of 10kW (both single-phase & three-phase systems). The SPCUs have efficient energy management software system that optimizes utilization of solar power, Battery and Grid/DG power.
Principal Founder
Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan, Founder, and Managing Director hold a Ph.D. degree in Power Electronics from National University of Singapore and a Master of Engineering degree (Electrical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He brings more than two decades of experience working with global technology MNCs like Bloom Energy, TDK, Lambda (New Jersey) and Kepco (New York). Ramesh had delivered two high-end Switch Mode Power Supply product lines in both Lambda and Kepco that are still in production.
He was a founder member of Bloom Energy Bangalore and served as General Manager Operations & Product Development. At Bloom, he built the team from scratch for its center-of-excellence in engineering and delivered grid-tied power products up to 200kW in record time. Ramesh has traveled extensively in North America, Asia, Europe & Mexico to build a strategic business relationship with large corporate houses for critical parts development used within fuel Cell systems.
With several International patents & publications under his belt, he championed the conversion of a 19-seater commercial bus to an Electric Vehicle in Singapore that was propelled by a combination of lead-acid and zinc-air batteries.
The Expert, on the Industry
Dr. Ramesh views the growing interest of individuals and businesses in the E-mobility, ESS & renewable system as a great trend. Governments from across the globe are trying to rely on more clean energy sources and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Some of the factors contributing to the cause are (a) Government push with subsidies (b) aging grid and increased power failure/grid instabilities in the existing power systems and (c) falling prices of solar panel and ESS.
He also points out that the growing energy demand in developing nations has triggered the issue of energy security. This has made essential to utilize the untapped potential of renewable resources and ESS. Stored energy can be transported and then utilized at a different place where a shortage of energy arises.
Championing the Cause
EnArka recently got certified with ISO 9001-2015. Its dedicated team is spread across India and is well equipped with proper training for all its services/solutions. On its products, the clients get quality and timely support services guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
The company provides efficient and intelligent power conversion products through a careful choice of reliable topology and control method along with next-generation semiconductor devices, cooling, magnetic and interconnects technologies. The affordable price for its products is achieved through circuit modularity, component reuse and adhering to lean manufacturing principles. Its products are engineered to meet global safety and environmental compliance standards with appropriate certifications as necessitated by the markets.
Looking Forward
In the coming years, with its highly qualified & experienced engineering and management team, enArka wishes to see itself as a globally recognized quality solution provider in the Power Electronics industry. In addition to supporting the EV industry through its Battery Charging stations, enArka also aims at providing the best test solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacturer with advanced/affordable Indian designed and manufactured battery test solutions.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Green Energy Providers in India

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