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With people often glued to various screens (mobile or web), the shift to Video Marketing for grabbing attention by businesses is obvious. Now considered an inseparable part of the marketing communications strategy, video marketing is designed to engage audiences through activity around a given video.  Video content is easy to consume and can be curated to deliver more in less. A company or brand can choose a video type and the related Video Marketing Tools that suits them the most and then publish it over the web to reach maximum potential customers.
As Video Marketing has changed, so has the way to develop the video content. Video marketers are armed with not just cameras, but smartphones, and video advertising software tools too that enhance a video at any given time. Here’s a look at some of the popular video marketing tool that let video marketers get the most of web.
Adobe Spark – When it comes to images and videos, Adobe is a reliable name in the industry. Adobe Spark is a suite of storytelling applications that can be used to create graphics, web pages and video stories for mobile and web. These stories can be created easily and shared quickly for impact.  The suite comprises of Spark Page, Spark Post and Spark Video which can be synced to create and publish anytime, anywhere. Customizable templates and uploaded images can be used to create a wide variety of marketable Facebook Ads, Marketing videos, Instagram Stories, Explainer videos, Event corners and more. Spark’s premium feature uses design intelligence to generate a collection of templates that match a brand’s style. Engaging marketing videos can be created by combining video clips, photos, and adding text overlay or background music for greater impact.
Powtoon — Powtoon sells cloud-based software (SaaS) used for creating animated presentations and explainer videos for business, education or just personal purposes. It’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface guides the users as they create a video. Ready-to-use templates, cartoon personalities that display a range of emotions, huge range of backgrounds and icons and easy to publish video marketing content that can be quickly exported to YouTube are some features that make it a great tool. Some major clients include Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Staples.
Slidely – Slidely claims to visually connect people and businesses. Apart from video slideshows which can be created by brand videos and images, it also offers professional help to create them with a background score. A huge collection of templates and images provided in this video marketing tool can be easily used to create interesting videos for business which can then be posted directly on various social media platforms that people are almost addicted to like Facebook and Pinterest. Slidely also acts as a social media network where communities can share and see their work. Slidely is Facebook Marketing Partner and Instagram Partner too.
Viewbix — Viewbix lets business make the most of its video assets. Customers can quickly and easily add brand assets, interactive applications and calls to action transforming their videos into an engaging experience. It boasts to have an average engagement rate of over 25%. The videos created have cross-platform support and look good on desktops, mobiles, laptops, you name it! The video content being interactive, lets users land on targeted websites when clicked and brands can see how, when, and where people are engaging with the videos. Some major clients include Sony and Paramount Pictures.
Wistia – Wistia lets users create and host the videos and has a huge library of guides that users can learn from. This video marketing tool also has many analytical features like heatmaps which lets business track the user behaviour on the video (play, paused, skipped etc.). It provides an embedded player that clients can host on their own website for better customer attention. The player works across various platforms and delivers best quality video according to the viewer’s connection bandwidth. It offers interactive elements and clickable calls-to-action on the videos. Some major clients include Zendesk and Casper.
Apart from these, there are several other Video Marketing Tool like VideoScribe, WeVideo, Magisto etc that let one create great videos for marketing.
– Sneha Sinha
Disclaimer – The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only and not meant for promotion.

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