Reasons behind the Popularity of Video Marketing in Digital Age

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The rapid transformations on the landscape of IT and Telecommunication in recent decades have given encouragement to video marketing to a great level. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular tactics for online marketing. Many media agencies are promoting their clients’ businesses with ‘Video Marketing’ and help them to grow their businesses in many ways. Some of those benefits of video marketing are enlisted here.
Amplify Conversion Rates and Click through Rates
A compelling story with defined characters- their goals, obstacles and resolution can create a profound effect on a viewer’s mind. Stories where you keep the ‘viewer’ in the driver’s seat with clear defined business objectives help create an emotional response and subsequently encourage ‘viewers’ to buy your product or services. According to one prominent research it is found that just by embedding an engaging short video on the landing page of a website can increase the conversion rate by 34 percent. A detailed but short-in-length video can directly influence sales to an impressive level. Studies show that- having a video on the home page can increase the click through rate by whopping 27%, which ultimately lead to more sales.
Vision is the most dominating sense amongst all and most of the information which transmitted to our brain is visual in nature. If motionless visuals can catch one’s attention, then just imagine what moving pictures can do for business.
Deliver Great ROI
There are many marketing channels which a business can use to promote its products- advertisement in a newspaper, catchy phrases on a billboard, or a radio announcement are some of the most popular mediums of creating brand awareness. However when it comes to check how many people have actually viewed the marketing campaign-video marketing takes the lead. More than 83 percent of the businesses say that video marketing proved to a good return on their investment.
Google Loves Video
Undoubtedly, Google is the most preferred search engine which people across the world use to find anything concerning them. Whether to find location, pay bills or visit any website, Google helps to find what one wants. These days with the boom of Internet and computer technology, almost every business creates its website to promote its services. Many even hire digital marketing team to optimize their websites to rank it higher on Google’s indexes to increase its visibility for the Global audience. It is no co-incidence that after the Google’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006, this search giant changed its search algorithm significantly and gave much weightage to unique multimedia content over other types of contents. According to Moovly, a video embedded in business website increases the chances to show up first on Google’s search by whopping 53 times more than a traditional web page. This is another power of video marketing in this digital age.
Ultimately, YouTube is the goldmine for Google that helped it in earning mammoth revenue of $15 Billion last year alone. So, some larger favours to videos as compared to other content on Google’s search indexes are quite justifiable and desirable.
Videos Create a Larger Appeal amongst Mobile Users
Gone are those days when people preferred desktop to browse online. They still use desktop but its usages has significantly reduced to offices related work and some other mediocre work. Otherwise, Mobility has pulled the larger audience towards it. In the last decade, mobile phone users or smart phone users have increased astonishingly. Moreover, 90 percent of the audience prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones. YouTube also reports that mobile video consumption is rising with an impressive rate of 100 percent every year.
One study shows smartphone viewers feel better connected to a brand when they watch a promotional video on their phone as compared with TV or desktop. Video watching rate on mobile phone is twice as compared to TV viewers and 1.4X compared to desktop viewers, tells Google.
Video Engage Even the Laziest Buyer
In today’s fast paced hectic life, even some of the most dynamic personalities are not active to the fullest level all the time. Forget about those who are the prospects but lazy in nature by default. It is hard to pitch a product to such customers via emails or product brochures most of the time. Since such customers even after having enough free time do not want to give any extra strain onto their brain. Contrary, videos have the characteristics to capture a wide audience and it work on many levels. Even on the laziest ones. This is the reason 68% of the people prefer watching a video than reading a long product manual.
Videos are More Shareable and Watchable on Social Media
According to various sources it has been found- more than 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook daily, 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily, Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos daily, 82% of twitter users like to watch a video content on twitter. According to eMarketer, most of the users (as many as 4X) like to know about a product through a video than reading its product description.
Such magnitude itself indicates where the marketing world is tilting. In fact, studies show social videos generates 1200 % more shares than text and image combined. This is the reason many social media giants encourage video content in their platform with new cool features. Facebook has launched 3600 videos, Lifestage, and Live Video. Twitter has Periscope while Instagram has come up with a 60-second videos and Instagram stories.
However, content marketer must know that a whopping 76% of the users share a video with their friends if it is entertaining. Therefore, marketing strategy must be crafted keeping an element of fun and humour embedded in it to make some real and visible gain.
Although, the cost to create a video is significantly more and this is reason why many shy away for creating a video campaign. But if one wants to make a profound impression on prospective and existing clients then nothing is far better than a ‘Video Marketing’ campaign.

  • Ashwini Deshmukh

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