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The Ace element that drives a CEO towards success is ‘Creativity.’ This creativity coupled with a focused vision can help adapting to the market changes, adopt innovative practices and disrupt industries like never before. Also, the key to being a creative CEO lies in accepting changes and going beyond the conventional procedures.
Pancham Banerji is one such success-driven persona aiming to transform the traditional online processes. His professional journey was flooded with challenges and risks, but the flair of converting every challenge into opportunity carved him into a seasoned entrepreneur. With his innovative prowess and expertise in digital marketing, Pancham established AdEngage™ – a Digital Marketing Company.
Setting the cornerstones of the company in 2010 was not an easy task for Pancham, as the digital marketing world was facing the impact and overall return on investment from Social Media Marketing from 2010-2014. Surpassing this challenge with a prominent approach in digital marketing, which was focused on organic marketing and generating ROI, he assisted the company to stall tall amongst its peers. Today after eight years, several brands across India rely on AdEngage for up-to 90% of their overall sales, which truly defines Pancham’s entrepreneurial triumph.
About AdEngage
Generally, all the marketing activities are aimed at generating more business and reaching out to new prospects. Unfortunately, many marketing agencies have failed in generating steady business and profits from digital marketing efforts for their clientele. This is where AdEngage steps in. Established with a vision to solve sales and marketing challenges through digital marketing and consultancy, AdEngage is an award winning marketing and advertising agency with the core focus on digital marketing. Being the founder, Pancham along with his team has carried out effective measures in order to position the company amongst the top-notch market leaders in performance marketing. Under his aegis, the company has created a niche in the sectors of Advertising & Marketing, Professional Training, and Certifications.
The company specializes in E-commerce Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising & Analytics, Product Packaging Solutions, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Content Creation. It has combined its digital marketing skills with Offline marketing, PR, Branding and more in order to open up unlimited growth opportunities for the clients.
What Pulled the Trigger?
Coming from an Advertising and Media background, Pancham soon realized the potential of Digitalization and started working towards helping SMEs to build their business online, especially through social media marketing. That’s how the journey started for Pancham and AdEngage came into existence. “I believe my approach towards organic marketing and generating a good steady flow of revenue for our clients really helped us sail through tough times as clients continued showing their faith on us and allowed us to build a solid business model for AdEngage,” says Pancham. “My role model is anyone who is willing to succeed in life. Anyone who wants to be different, wants to create something unique is my role model,” he added further.
Pancham’s Take on Current Scenario
Advertising expenditure on Digital platforms like Google and social media sites in India have finally gained pace and are consistently growing. This is a positive sign for many young and established Digital Marketing agencies. Pancham believes that SMEs in India may still take a couple of years to show complete confidence in Digital Marketing rather than experimenting with the platform.
As far as MNCs and bigger brands are concerned, he senses a need for agencies that can be a one-stop solution provider to all the Digital Marketing, Advertising and Performance Marketing needs. Talking about Performance Marketing, Pancham says, this will be in high demand in the coming years as more businesses turn up to Digital Marketing for reach and revenue generation.
Guiding the Neophytes
Pancham’s philosophy of life is to work with a determined vision as if there’s no Plan B. “If you want something to happen for you, go for it passionately until you achieve it. Wake up early and dedicate at least 13-15 hours to your work every day. There are no shortcuts so you need to work very hard; literally,” asserts Pancham. He advices the beginners to always hire passion over certificates or degrees and get themselves a co-founder who shares the same values, and is equally passionate about their vision.
Future Footsteps
Envisioning a better version of him Pancham says, “I work hard every day to achieve a certain ‘me’ which I desire to become, therefore I would like to achieve it in the coming two years.” Foreseeing a bright future for AdEngage, Pancham and his team have started working towards implementing their vision to generate profitable outcomes. They are presently working towards expansion in different geographies especially Central India, Gujarat and South East Asia in the coming years. This core team is also planning to integrate AI and VR in its present marketing and advertising services in the upcoming years. In the coming years, setting up own production team for AD’s and short films, implementing PR campaigns nation-wide, and executing events from concept creation to offline implementation would be successfully accomplished.
“In the future, if I get a chance, I would love to create an institution aimed at creating entrepreneurs and innovators for the future and give them the chance to change the world,” says Pancham.
With many new ventures and projects in the pipeline for 2019 and 2020, Pancham looks forward to many new milestones for its parent organization Goodlight Ventures. For the next ten years, the company aims to focus on expanding their portfolio of services and entering new business verticals.
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