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Science and Engineering complete each other. While science is all about exploring, understanding and gaining knowledge, it is engineering that transforms science into action. The word engineering is derived from the Latin words “ingenium” meaning “cleverness” and “ingeniare” meaning “to contrive or devise”. Human beings have always fallen back on engineering to devise inventions for better living and nothing motivates Engineers more than the desire to find solutions to problems.
Ravi Venugopal Gunti is one such technocrat, strategist and a passionate engineer who considers the journey of finding the answers to tough engineering problems as his primary source of motivation! He considers his current team and his senior colleague, Dr Dilip Bonde as his source of inspiration. He also idolizes Ratan Tata, Anand Mahindra and Elon Musk for whom he has worked during his journey for the past 25 years in different areas.
The Trajectory of Success
Ravi completed his Master of Engineering from Guindy Engineering College (Anna University), Chennai. He worked as a trainee on the IRS 1B project at ISRO satellite centre, Bangalore. He then joined Tata Motors as a Senior Design Engineer and was part of the core team which started the design of the Tata Indica as part of The Advance Engineering Group in ERC (Engineering research centre). He later joined DSQ software and as part of the Founding member of its Engineering Division, he worked for VW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Damiler etc. The entrepreneur in him then collaborated with other technocrats to establish an engineering services organisation “Plexion Technologies” with the financial backing of JP Morgan. This was later acquired by Mahindra Group and transitioned into – Mahindra Engineering and Mahindra Aerospace in 2006.
Ravi has excellent knowledge on all the Global OEM Design Standard, processes and technologies and has worked for almost all Auto-OEM projects directly or indirectly. He is an expert in setting-up offshore development centres for Global OEM’s and Tier-1 suppliers. Smart Enovations, which he co-founded in 2011 with Dr Bonde and Dr CVR Reddy is an engineering solutions and services organisation working in the field of product design and validation and information technology.
Engineering Innovations
The IT-enabled engineering services of Smart Enovations include product conceptualization, engineering design and CAE simulations, tooling and manufacturing process simulations, robotic simulations and support, product life cycle management, embedded IOT, ML and AI.
It also provides IT software services including application development, big data solutions, cloud enablement, analytics, mobile app, and enterprise support services.
Ravi has been instrumental in developing the knowledge base as well as processes for delivering services, complete product designs and proven prototypes to world-wide OEMs working in the modern fore-front technologies. The first interior design of the high-end premium car was carried out in India under his stewardship.
Team Ravi, Dr Bonde and Dr Reddy have been successfully working together for the past 20 years. Ravi says, “We are technocrats with our grounding from various fields such as the Indian space program, leading the design and engineering of India’s cheapest car and developing aerospace solutions. We are now working closely with new generation mobility solutions.”
The company is a IT & Engineering design and product development firm. It has successfully executed various engineering solutions projects like design of spacecraft structure and Rover. It is also developing solutions in Electric Vehicle (EV) area and design and development of new age mobility solutions suites.
Complexities and Changing Scenario of the Industry
The Industry, Ravi points out, is changing at a very fast pace. Industry 4.0, as it is called, and new age production systems with AI, ML is maturing faster. Smart Enovations supports customers in this area to embrace this transformation. Development in Urban mobility and Smart City solutions are transforming city landscapes and his team is happy to be able to utilize the many opportunities above.
About the challenges, he says, “Engineering solutions are complex – every product development suite comes with its own complex variables and each of challenges has to be overcome as we build new creative solutions/ products.” He believes that quality and innovativeness will always help companies to sail through the times.
The recent emission issues and a quick shift of the industry towards EV was again a challenge which he quickly adapted to and his company was able to deliver solutions to EV industry needs and also developed solutions around it. The recent digital emergence brought complexities in the business again and his team came out with solutions focused towards niche areas in which other competitors don’t operate and quickly adapt itself to business especially in AI and ML. He asks his team to always think innovatively and construct creative solutions and that success lies in identifying unique and niche areas.
Start Small to get it Right!
As a serial entrepreneur, Ravi advises the next-gen to focus on their commitment and not to deviate. He advises, “Believe in the team. Keep it simple, don’t look for complex solutions. But it won’t come easy. Don’t think about “Boiling the Ocean”, start small and get it right. Build it Big!  Last Long!”
Innovative Solutions for the Future
Ravi aims to be one of the top 10 companies in the domain and focus on upcoming technology areas by choosing niche areas like AI, ML and IoT and focus to achieve these objectives, through creative and innovative products and services in next five years. Smart Enovations is always on the look for emerging digital technologies. These constitute areas like Automation, Robotics Simulation, AI and products in EV technology area along with their pursuit to expand to new geographies. He suggests, “We will work on solutions in AI, ML and IoT and design and development of IT solutions under Industry4.0!”
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