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This inspiring story is about a young and dynamic persona who not only dreamt of a castle but rather crafted the design for a Management consulting platform.  As the Founder, Director and Principal Consultant of Stalwart Management Consulting (SMC), Stalwart Business Consortium LLP (SBCL) and Stalwart Learning Solutions (A vertical of SBCL), Divyashikha Gupta is the inspiration behind the company’s signature characteristics.
An Adroit Leader – Dreaming the Impossible
While her approach towards her work is thoughtful, open, analytical and often challenging; her insight, integrity, and candor to the partnering process have successfully dragged the eyeballs of the business fraternity.
With more than one-and-half decades of diverse experience, Divyashikha has stirred various critical profiles for prestigious global organizations including JP Morgan, Temasek Holdings, and Hutchison 3 Global Services. Her expertise rests on Stang, Learning and Organizational Development, Change Management, Talent Engagement, and Talent Development. At Stalwart (Group Companies), her responsibilities are client management, strategic planning, evaluation of operational capabilities, risk assessment along with monitoring and assuring profitability of the group.
As a management graduate and a passionate entrepreneur, Divyashikha has been very defiant about her “giving back to society” values. She is an active participant of various social initiatives launched by Stalwart – Gurukul Academy and WOW – Women of Worth. While Gurukul supports the underprivileged and poverty-stricken masses of the society, WOW is a signature campaign to encourage and promote gender inclusion at the workplace.
Key attributes that define her commitment to business

  • Experienced at leading, managing and motivating large teams from all disciplines to achieve business outcomes.
  • Relentless determination to deliver the client’s requirements and an ability to build business relationships at all levels in the multi-vendor environment.
  • Extensive experience in assurance and health check of program delivery providing insights and scrutiny in project governance and controls.
  • Proven track record in driving business process improvements and change management in project portfolio management environment.

The Inception Saga
Starting as a traditional recruitment company in 2009, SMC has evolved as a complete ‘solution-provider’ offering unique solutions that helped to maintain the UVP of the entity. Adding value to the proposition, SMC always focused on UVP that assisted them to cement themselves in the competitive market. Retaining its core values, SMC has blended a new-age solution that is an even mix of technology like AI, ML while maintaining the human touch in recruitment and talent solutions.
Embracing comprehensive strategies and concrete efforts, Divyashikha has enabled SMC to evolve as a reliable partner in all aspects of workforce and talent solutions. Recruitments, HR consulting, customized L&D solutions, CXO and leadership coaching, HR strategy formulation & Implementation, designing & implementing Performance Mapping & Enhancement programs, Onboarding Buddy services, are few of the exquisite services rendered by SMC. Acknowledging the changing business environment, SMC diligently follows and educates its clients about the VUCA (Volatality, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) philosophy.
Prominent Services
SMC offers services such as Permanent Hiring, Contract Hiring, Payroll and Compliance, Stang Solutions. The talent firm has various solutions to be provided in learning and development such as training, signature modules, functional, behavioral and excellence modules, and art-based modules. Where candidates need to be assessed to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, it provides Assessment Centers with biometric testing, and graphology supported assessments, psychometric tests that are used for recruitment as well as learning and development. Last but not least, it offers Stalwart Assessment Sheet – an AI-based professional assessment sheet that showcases the capabilities and suitability of the candidates.
Surpassing Challenges
One of the biggest challenges that SMC has faced is to continuously re-invent themselves and their client services. “We believe that the reason for our existence is to minimize the clients’ efforts and help them achieve their objectives – which could be fast and accurate closure or a more efficient workforce or having a unified, highly productive in-house HR Team”, asserts Divyashikha. She further added – “It is here that our deep commitment to client satisfaction, helps us understand the exact ask – both spoken and unspoken, and helps us develop and deliver solutions that make our clients keep coming back for more.”
Better Times Ahead
Today, the old methods of attracting people to organizations or for clients may not really work in the future. Companies need to create their own talent by engaging those leaving education and investing significantly in their careers. Companies will also need to adapt to this changing environment. All of these factors, coupled with the rise of social media and direct hiring models will significantly impact the traditional operating model.
Divyashikha while sharing her insights said “It is predicted that the demand for highly skilled workers presents a real opportunity for consulting organizations like ours, which are essentially operating on a fixed retainer plus hire-success model and at the senior end of the spectrum. These agencies will, therefore, be able to demand a premium in the future and will continue to be highly sought-after because of the specialized ability to match the exact client expectations.”
Source :-The 10 Most Creative CEOs to Watch in 2019

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