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The story starts with a glimpse into the life of an established trainer and entrepreneur, also the creator of the training programme TPR (Thought Process Reengineering), Sajeev Nair, who was receiving tremendous enquiries from SMEs for setting up and streamlining their business growth. He was truly dedicated towards training sessions rather than being a consultant to a company. However, acknowledging people’s approach towards consulting, Sajeev decided to spread his wings and establish a company named Bramma Learning Solutions in 2008.
At that point of time, he found Ranjith AR – an avid implementer with hands-on experience in consulting domain aligned with multinational companies like IBM and Helix. But, functioning as a consulting firm was not an easy task as consulting was not so common in Kerala and many people were doubtful about the need of a consultant. Businessmen were not aware about the opportunities and convenience that a consultant can bring for them. As such, the initial resistance was big. But, with unified efforts of Ranjith, Bramma successfully gained three clients from Sajeev’s training sessions and started stepping towards achieving more milestones.
Under his aegis, Bramma started from the top by mentoring business – made businessmen consulting-ready and then entered into their organizations. Ranjith’s determination started defining the true essence of success and the scenario changed. More references came in, things worked well and people started believing in the company. Thus, the company strived hard with an aim to create 1000 successes in small and medium business segment by professionalizing their internal systems and procedures. Slowly and steadily the number of clients started increasing and thus the team size! Bramma was now on its way to create a niche and transform its sector for the better.
Meet the Proficient Persona
Ranjith AR is the CEO of Bramma Learning Solutions. With an experienced hand in developing practical business solutions for more than a decade, he is a Coach, Mentor, Trainer and a one-of-its-kind solution provider. Ranjith has consulted and provided strategic directions for more than 400 SMEs in Kerala and the Middle East and trained over 100,000 people across the world. Being an International trainer of business reengineering, sustainability and team building, he has efficaciously provided talks to corporates like Mitsubishi, Asian Paints, Vedanta, Alfa Laval and more.
He is an innovative thinker and ideator for advertising concepts and ideas, who was associated with Rediffussion, Mudra and Grey Worldwide for specific assignments. Ranjith has expertise in Graphic and Instructional Designing and has been an independent consultant for e-learning companies like Cell, Edurite, Aptara, Learnnext etc. Apart from all this, he is also a professional quiz master with more than 200 career quiz titles and more than 500 quiz shows as master to the credit.
About Bramma
Bramma is a state-of-the-art platform providing end-to-end solutions to the clientele. It sets the frame of vision, mission, and goals for a company through vision setting exercises, mind mappings, and thorough company analysis. The strategy team develops prominent business model and strategies for the companies. Started with just three employees, now it has thirty full time employees and around twelve part time domain experts associated with the team.
At Bramma, consultants act as the CEOs for its clients and consistently focus on restructuring the organizations. The company exclusively designs and develops KRAs, KPIs for each staff, help in recruiting the best talent, conduct high power training sessions, and do through follow up to implement the MIS. “Unlike many other consulting companies, we make sure that the system we design is implemented in the organization by proper follow up,” says Ranjith. If any issues happen, the rectifying measures are also taken! The company also takes care of the entire management aspect of an organization to make them move to the next level including HR, Operations, Finance and the Sales & Marketing, which makes it one-of-the-rare consultants in the country. In short, Bramma is a name synonymous for a one-stop shop showcasing practical yet out-of-the-box marketing strategies.
Transformation ‘Step-by-step’
During its initial days, Bramma focused on business process reengineering. Later in 2011, under the leadership of Ranjith, the company started its operations in the Gulf region. With his sheer dedication, in 2015, Bramma Makeover was introduced, which magnificently empowered the entire activities including process systemization, marketing strategies and the financial operations. Today, the company is rolling out services in five different countries including India, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In 2018, Bramma also has started a funding platform.
Future Roadmap
Leading with excellence, Ranjith has been instrumental in enabling Bramma to be an all-inclusive brand in the SME sector in Kerala. In the coming years, he is planning to expand his empire and drive Bramma to be the final word of entrepreneurship in South India and in the Gulf region. As such, the company will be creating social business circles all over the nation to spread the awareness of entrepreneurship and to help rural India in gaining strength, thereby contributing to the economy. “Bramma is also planning to execute activities starting from business courses and joint ventures to funding platforms etc.,” asserts Ranjith.
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