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Established in 2018, Wash N Dry is an app-based laundry company rolling out end-to-end laundry services with a vision to enhance the comfort of the masses. The company has exemplary expertise in the laundry and dry cleaning business. Embracing new-age technologies, cleaning methods and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics gives it an edge over its competitors. By following local and national regulations and environmental safety rules, the company efficiently maintains the standards of business integrity.
The Proficient Leadership
Aqeel Tariq Merchant is the CEO of Wash N Dry. He is a 20 year old young entrepreneur, currently doing his Final Year, Bachelor’s Degree from Amity Business School, Mumbai.
Maintaining a proper balance between studies and work was not an easy task for Aqeel. He met his friends/relatives and also managed to finish some household chores on holidays. He always craved to complete these tasks with few clicks. That’s when the idea of developing an app – Wash N Dry sparked him. Being clear about his idea to provide application based services; Aqeel successfully placed the cornerstones of the company by harnessing real-time finance and marketing strategies.
Starting at an adolescent age of 16, he carried a firm vision that empowered him to create his own path and kept no stone unturned in converting his dream into reality. Within a stint of just six months since the launch, his endeavoring story to establish a one-of-its-kind company has been featured in two prestigious college publications in Mumbai.
“We are passionate about changing the way you think about laundry!” says Aqeel.
What’s so Inimitable?
Acknowledging that today, most of the people use mobile devices; Wash N Dry was launched by keeping up with the recent technology advancements. Convenience, state-of-the-art quality services at competitive prices is what the company offers to its customers. Maintaining hygiene to the core, it uses disinfectant detergents to keep the clothes clean from minute bacteria’s. The in-house workforce strictly wears clean clothes and gloves. The company also uses eco-friendly and recycled paper for packaging the materials. This is a way towards passing on a cleaner earth to the Gen Z.
Being an app-based service, Wash N Dry consistently focuses on every minute detail in order to quench the needs of the clientele. Showcasing three key services namely Wash N Press, Dry Cleaning and Only Press, the company is all set to create a prominent niche in its sector. These categories of services are efficient in nurturing more than 120 garments alongside offering location services as well as tracking and online payment options. The app developing team is the driving force behind the company’s solidity and plays a pivotal role in shaping it at its best!
Wash N Dry saves the time of many, in a world where most of people have no time to complete their daily household works by delivering services at their doorsteps. It provides comprehensive services for clothing – men, women and kids, accessories – hats, bags, and soft toys or household items – towels, linen, curtains, carpets, sofas, etc. Its mobile-based application provides professional Washing, Dry Cleaning and Ironing services covering all the basic and advanced laundry requirements of the clientele across Mumbai.
Defining employees as the biggest strength of the company, Aqeel asserts, “To keep them motivated, we give them their salaries on time. We also provide them incentives and a yearly bonus. Twice a month we provide lunch for the staff from my restaurant. Also we organize picnics, cricket matches and visits to movie theatres. This helps in keeping a very friendly environment in the office.”
Bites of Enlightenment
Wash N Dry believes that focus and dedication are the key ingredients to taste the success cuisine. One has to be clear about the execution of ideas. Besides, blending smart and hard work will open newer doors to achieve more milestones on the way. Acknowledging the market filled with endless opportunities, the company advices the budding entrepreneurs to be vigilant in finding the opportunities in any challenging situation. Adding his words to ignite the young minds Aqeel says, “Grab the opportunities that come your way and be patient, success will come your way.”
Future Plans
Every business or idea is a startup at some point of time. It depends on the individuals and their desires to surpass every challenge and reach the peak. Wash N Dry is planning to craft out franchisees in neighboring cities like Pune, etc. Recently, Aqeel has also launched a restaurant titled Cinnamon N Nutmeg – a diner with a late night delivery kitchen in Mumbai. He also plans to have two more outlets of the same in Mumbai in the near future.

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