WeDoSky: Decrypting Aerial Data for Business

Jaspreet Makkar, Founder, WeDoSky | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Ever since unmanned aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, made their debut, researchers and tech-enthusiasts have been looking for ways to harness their true potential. While drones were originally used for military operations, they now find their usage in various commercial industries. The underlying value addition is the enormous amount of quality data that a drone collects which then needs interpretation for further processing.
WeDoSky is a drone data analytics company that aims to make drone data comprehensible for everyone, everywhere. It does so with the help of its proprietary cloud software,, which makes aerial surveys and inspections faster, cheaper, easier, and better. visualAI helps in the analysis, management and sharing of aerial data effortlessly. It offers different tools for a wide variety of industries, namely, solar, Industrial Inspections (rooftops, power lines, gas pipelines, etc), Construction, and Wind,
Spearheading the Drone Revolution
WeDoSky is headed by a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, Jaspreet Makkar. His love for data, his burning interest in entrepreneurship and his half-a-decade-long affair with drones resulted in visualAI, the company’s one-of-a-kind AI-based drone data analytics software. visualAI is the first platform to map out 1GW of solar assets in India and expand globally in over eighteen countries. This achievement is courtesy to Jaspreet’s ability to stay calm and focused even during daunting times.
The Initial Hiccups
WeDoSky’s initial years saw it facing typical challenges of setting up everything from the scratch, bringing the idea to the table, hiring the first people, getting the sales engine fired up, and constantly planning for the scale up. The naivety of the industry, the new technology and the lack of general industry constitution due to minimal government policies heightened the issues.
But problems didn’t deter the team from regularly adjusting the game plan and experimenting. Making sure that the entire team was on the same page, keeping faith in themselves, brainstorming sessions, staying put with short term goals, good market research and focus on good deliveries paid off. All in all, being flexible, fearless and focused helped the company overcome all the problems on the way.
Staying Ahead
Being a technology-based company, it is imperative for WeDoSky to stay up to date with the continuously evolving technologies. Regular discussions on the technology road map let the company assess its use of technology. Staying on top of global developments and paying heed to client requirements further helped WeDoSky to evolve into the drone data giant that it is today. A simple example of this is how from an operational services company, it has over time become a data science company because it realized that data is the next big currency when it comes to businesses.
WeDoSky’s work has found recognition from different quarters. It’s software provide hassle-free, real-time data outputs, quantitative and qualitative reports that provide measurable insights, and a relaxed and safe working environment for the client that has eventually helped increase the client’s and its employees’ efficiency overall. To quote a leading client, “WeDoSky’s data processing and reporting platform have drastically increased our field efficiency, helping us transform our Operations & Maintenance activities completely”.
Under the Limelight
WeDoSky has worked with a host of leading companies such as Tata Powers, Sterling & Wilson, Rising Sun, Azure, Ministry of Coal, FIMI, IIT Kharagpur. It was supported by Nasscom under its 10000 start-ups program and Jaspreet has been awarded the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 awards in 2017.
A Workplace for Equals
WeDoSky believes that the firm culture is the single most important thing when it comes to employees. All the hiring decisions and otherwise business-related decisions are taken in mind keeping the sanctity of WeDoSky’s culture. It has purposely established a flat hierarchy in the organization to ensure that everyone feels that they can voice their opinions and be heard. It focuses on building a sense of ownership among employees so that they treat the firm as their own. This has truly helped in bringing out the best of the employees and in turn, achieving the company goals with a lot of efficacy.
For the Emergent
A young company, WeDoSky is now an inspiration for startups. Jaspreet’s advice to all young entrepreneurs out there is to stay put at their goals. He says, “Intent is bigger than everything. And if you have the intent, you will always find a way to accomplish your goals.” He also asks them to network endlessly as it helps a lot.
The sky is not the Limit
WeDoSky’s future plans include building a physical presence out of India and coming out with advanced software solutions for different industries under their umbrella platform – visualAI. Jaspreet’s ability to take cognizance of both the micro and the macro factors affecting the drone industry and the startup world has now made WeDoSky a strong player across the globe and he hopes to solidify the gains in India and abroad in 2019.

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